Should you be fed up with hunting monsters or sick of making efforts to catch all of them just to earn another Magicarp, well then Re:Legend would be the most suitable game for you. This is a product of the Magnus Games Studio from Malaysia with 505 games as the publisher.

The game is a wonderful tale which takes the classic madness of monster pet and makes it a bit more collaborative.

It's hard to imagine this game by words, so here's a trailer for you:

After smashing the first Kickstarter campaign in 2017, Magnus started developing this adorable JRPG. The results show that it was definitely worth the wait.

Re:Legend is a combination of life-simulation systems, farming and also some serious mechanics relating to monster raising. In this game, you will find yourself washed up entirely on the shores of Vokkal Island. You will then have to spend your time trying your best to build up a life on this stunning backdrop.

Regain your memory with the help of the Magnus

Since players would come together to join hands in expanding this village, there are a lot of fun activities which they can take part in. For example, you can Farm the land, breed and catch fish, befriend inhabitants. Furthermore, you can also craft weaponry as well as train for combat. Those are just a few of the daily tasks which will help you survive the challenges you may face on Vokkal Island.

The experienced players may have the chance to tame and raise the Magnus - magical creatures inhabiting this wonderful new world. Having a Magus, players can explore the wilderness, deal with unknown threats.

See how cute it is!

You can also find more powerful Magus to be your company. Furthermore, heroes who end up being on Vokkal begin their journey with a lost memory. In order to regain your memory, you can only utilize the power of the Magnus.

Build your new life in Re:Legend

Re:Legend’s Early Access will be available on 30 August. The game would cost about 132,244.31 INR (£15,49).

You can get more information about this game on its official steam store page.