Erotic visual novel games or dating sims with anime girls go nude is very easy to find, but the case is completely different with shooters. It's safe to say that Bullet Girls Phantasia is the only third-person shooter now that features cute girls immerse in deadly battles that will consume not their lives but their clothes!

Bullet Girls Phantasia is the latest game in the Bullet Girls series, and this time, it will pack bazookas, assault rifles, and many other guns into the fantasy world of dragons, slimes, and cute girls. The developer Shade and the publisher D3 will bring the game to PC very soon next year.

To celebrate this announcement, they also released a new trailer for this event, which you can have a look at how the girls strike (and get punished):

The concept of Bullet Girls Phantasia

Bullet Girls Phantasia still keeps the all-female concept of the franchise, and this time, the game will lead us to the wonderful fantasy land with hostile creatures like dragons, orcs, and slimes. All of them have the same favorite thing - girls, and they will travel in packs, risking their lives just to get what they want to achieve.

Bullet Girls Phantasia Pc Announced 4
The monsters will go wild for these beautiful ladies

You cannot let your cute anime girls get caught by those ugly monsters, so you'll have to help them out of this sticky situation. Taking control of one from 14 female inhabitants in this realm far away, and brings swords, magic wands, and guns to the battle against those disgusting foes.

Bullet Girls Phantasia Pc Announced 2
Control the cute girl to fight against hostile fantasy creatures

Gameplay features

The developer Shade primed Bullet Girls Phantasia as a third-person action shooter that only rotates on the female protagonists. To be more specific, you'll choose from 14 cute anime-like characters and help them survive in the one-versus-many battles against dangerous fantasy creatures.

Bullet Girls Phantasia Pc Announced 1
Bullet Girls Phantasia is a third-person action shooter

Among them, 8 girls are the all-time favorite ones in the franchise, and 6 of them is the newcomer to the series. The characters vary from many races, such as crusades, elves, mages and whatever you define them, who hold their own unique kinds of beauty - whether flat-chested cute lolis to the lewd big-boobs one.

Girls cannot go to battle without any equipment, so you'll have to choose what they'll bring with them. You can bring totally 3 weapons, including a wand, a sword and a gun, which you can buy from the shop before heading to battles. Each of those types has plenty of weapons from you to choose, each with different stats and playstyles.

Bullet Girls Phantasia Pc Announced 6
Pick your weapons and armors in the shop before each battle

Especially, the guns are which you'll recognize the difference between each one the most. For example, the assault rifles and machine guns shoot very fast and, but only deals damage to a single target. On the other hand, the rocket launcher deals a powerful explosion that blows a lot of enemies up, but needs a long time to reload before being able to shoot the next one.

You can carry a maximum of two guns to the battle to use in turn, in case the other one runs out of ammo. And in worst scenarios, you can always rely on your trusty sword. It's very useful and deals a lot of damage, and doesn't require kitting skills to use at all.

Bullet Girls Phantasia Pc Announced 7
The rocket launcher has a long reload time

Go win or go nude

Even though you have a lot of tools, the monsters will still outnumber you, and you cannot avoid 100% of their strike. However, you won't want to do that either, since your beautiful character's armor and underwear will wear off if you take damage.

You'll lose things turns by turns, from the outer armor to the inside bras and panties, and at a certain point, you will go completely nude. That's why customizing what your girl will wear to the battle is very important, and you can check them through any angles with the game's 360-degree Gallery mode.

Bullet Girls Phantasia Pc Announced 7
Check and dress up your girl from top to toe!

Bullet Girls Phantasia is coming out for PC in early 2020 through Steam, but there hasn't been any specific release date yet.