If you are a new player to Call of Duty War Zone, you must be confused by many new elements such as Perks in Call of Duty Warzone. They are, in fact, a really important role in your victory. Each Perk will have a different effect on your character and can be used for different kinds of strategies.

cod warzone best perks
A right Perks combination can win you the game

So here in this Call of Duty Warzone Perks guide, you will help you understand what Perks are in Call of  Duty Warzone, how to use them, and which Perks are the best.

Call of Duty Warzone Perks guide - What Are Perks?

Perks are passive skills that can be set up in your Loadout. You can have a total of 10 Loadout. Each Loadout will have a total of 3 Perks slots for you to equip. Each Perk slot will give you 6 unique Perk options to choose from. That makes it a total of 18 Perks available in Call of Duty Warzone.

loadout warzone
COD Warzone perks guideYou can choose Perks in your Loadout

Unlike other Call of Duty games where you can use your Loadout right away in battles, in the battle royale mode of Call of Duty Warzone, you have to earn cash while playing the game and then buy your Loadout from Buy Station with a price of $6000 to apply it. You cannot change your Perks mid-match unless you buy another Loadout Drop and change to another Loadout entirely.

Call of Duty Warzone Perks list

Here is the Call of Duty Warzone Perks list along with all their effect.

Perk 1

  • Double time: Increase your crouch movement speed by 30% and double the duration of Tactical Sprint.
  • E.O.D: You will take less damage from non-killstreak explosives and fire. Also, you can reset the fuse when picking up a Frag Grenade.
  • Scavenger: You can get ammo from dead players. Also, the pack provides throwing knives.
  • Cold-blooded: Hide yourself from AI targeting system and thermal optics and High Alert warning. Recon Drones can still find you but you will not be marked.
  • Kill Chain: You will have more chance to find killstreaks in supply boxes.
  • Quick Fix: You will regenerate your health right after killing other players. Your health regeneration rate speed will increase while capturing and holding objectives.
cod warzone best perks
Call of Duty Warzone Perks guide - All Perks 1 options

Perk 2

  • Restock: Your equipment will recharge after 50 seconds.
  • Hardline: Reduce 25% kiosk prices for field upgrades, killstreaks, and armor plates.
  • Overkill: You can use 2 primary weapons.
  • High Alert: You will be notified when an enemy outside of your vision sees you.
  • Ghost: You are undetectable by Radar Drones, UAVs, and Heartbeat Sensors
  • Pointman: Your team will get more money when completing a mission.
cod warzone best perks
Call of Duty Warzone Perks guide - All Perks 2 options

Perk 3

  • Tune Up: Reduce 40% charge time of Field Upgrade and 25% Revive time.
  • Apmed: Swap weapon faster and increase rocket launcher reload speed.
  • Shrapnel: Get another piece of lethal equipment. Explosives can delay enemies' regeneration.
  • Battle Hardened: Reduce the effect of stun, flash, EMP, and gas. Unaffected by snapshot grenades.
  • Spotter: See through walls enemies' field upgrades, equipment, and killstreaks. You can mark them for your team by aiming down sight. Hack Proximity Mines, Claymores, C4, and Trophy System.
  • Tracker: You can see the enemies' footprints, marks enemy death locations, and hide the death markers of players you kill.
cod warzone best perks
Call of Duty Warzone Perks guide - All Perks 3 options

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Call of Duty: Warzone Best Perks

If you have known what Perks are in Call of Duty Warzone and the effect of each Perk then you need to decide which Perks combinations to use. Here, we will show you Call of Duty Warzone best Perks to win the game.

Shroud Perks

Shroud is considered as one of the best battle royale players as he has an amazing aim with years of experience from playing CS:GO competitively at international levels. Of course, as everyone expected, he is also dominating in Call of Duty Warzone as well. In one of his streams, he shared with his viewers what Perks he thinks is the best in Call of Duty Warzone.

He said that Cold-Blooded and Ghost are Call of Duty Warzone best Perks as they can counter all other Perks. As for the third Perk, he left it for personal preference. I would recommend you to have Spotter or Tracker to match the stealth playstyle of this build and get more information while staying hidden.

cod warzone best perks
This is the Perks combo that Shroud thinks is best because of its stealthiness

Balance Perks

This build is perfect for new players who don't know which style they should go to in the game yet. You will take High Alert and Tracker to quickly spot enemies and Quick Fix to capture objectives. Pair with an automatic rifle and you are good to go in most situations in the game.

balanced perk
This is a standard Perks combination that is suited for most combat situations

Support Perks

If you prefer to help your teammates and be the hero during dire situations then here is the perfect Perks combo for you. You will need Quick Fix so you can regenerate your own HP quickly after a fight to help your teammates. Pointman can boost the money for the whole team, allowing you and your teammates to buy more items in Buy Station.  Tune Up allows you to get your teammate back to the battel quickly with a 25% revive time reduction.

support perks
This Perks will increase the power of your team as a whole and support your teammates

Assault Perks

If you are a player who loves to rush at enemies and gun them down with spray in close-range then this is the Perks combo for you in this Call of Duty Warzone Perks guide.

The Double Time Perk will increase your mobility significantly can get up close to enemies. Next, you can consider between Restock and Overkill. Restock will allow you to use Tactical Sprint constantly while Overkill will allow you to use 2 Primary Weapons for lengthy engagements. The last Perks would be Battle Hardened to counter stun, flash,...

agressive perks
The Perks combo for players who love being aggressive and fighting close-range combats