Call of Duty Warzone has just gotten a solo mode for people to mix things up, as sometimes relying on random people on the internet to perform well as a team is just hard to accomplish. The change in a basic gameplay mechanic has made the game much more tense and frantic than usual. You pretty much have to take a different approach in doing everything, from playstyles to weapon choices... and more.

In this Call of Duty Warzone Solo Tips guide, would help you to get used to this mode quickly and beat the other 149 people to win the match.

1 - CoD Warzone Solos tips: Choose your weapons wisely

For Solo mode, it is best that you use guns with high damage per shot than guns with high magazine size, as you won't be fighting multiple opponents at the same time like with squad mode. The best gameplan for solo is to get the highest damage assault rifle, with decent long-range capability such as the Oden.

Call Of Duty Warzone solos guide
Call Of Duty Warzone solos guide: Verdansk map with a lot of high buildings has been the paradise for snipers

Similar to many other battle royales, Warzone is the playground of snipers, and in a solo game, having a long-range weapon is even more important, as there would be no other players that can cover you in that aspect. The other weapon that you should get is the sniper rifle AX-50 of course.

2 - Call of Duty Warzone Solos Tips: Cash is very easy to get in Solos

Cash is probably the most important resource in Call of Duty, and you have to share them between your teammates in squad mode. However, there is none of that in Solos and everything you find would go to you alone. Because of that, it is very easy to acquire at least $10,000 before the first circle closed.

call of duty warzone solos mode
Call of duty warzone solos mode: A map for all the Buy Stations

The Buy Stations would play a very important role in solos - a much earlier priority comparing to squads. With everyone getting money at about the same rate, the Stations are going to be packed with hostiles - you have to be careful and quick while accessing them. Using a station as bait is a great idea as well - you can just hide nearby and wait for an unsuspecting player to wander into the area.

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3 - Call of Duty Warzone Solos mode: Make extensive use of UAVs in the final circles

Opposite to what people usually believe - firepower is not everything in an FPS game. Knowledge about the enemy's locations is just as important - maybe even more, especially in the final circles of the game. This is where the UAV comes in - it is a deployable killstreak reward that can be found as a drop or buy from Stations for $4,000. When it is deployed, you would be able to see the current locations of all enemies around you for a short time.

cod warzone solos mode
Cod warzone solos mode: Awareness is the key - you have to spot your enemies first

The ability is extremely useful - some people even considered it as the most useful thing that could be bought in the Station, outside of the essential Loadout Drop Marker. In the final circles, using a UAV would reveal everyone inside, except for people who picked "Ghost" perk. This perk is rather unpopular - people often use High Alert instead.

4 - Call of Duty Warzone Solos Tips: Self-Revive Kits are not as powerful in Solos

In the usual squad mode, the enemies who killed you would have to deal with your teammates next - and in that period in which they are distracted, you can revive yourself and run away. There are no teammates in Solos.

cod warzone solos tips
Cod warzone solos tips: These self-revive kits are actually not that useful

If you kill someone in Solos but they are just downed and not killed because of the self revive kit, you can just finish them off unless you are also attacked by yet another party. The item is not SUPER useless, however, as it could definitely save you in long-ranged fights in which no one is able to finish you off because of the distance.

5 - CoD Warzone Solos mode: Never assume that you are alone

In squads, the number of players is the same as Solos, but realistically you are looking at about eighty or ninety squads of 1-3 players moving around in groups. There is no such thing in Solos, however, as all players land and move differently.

cod warzone solos guide
Cod warzone solos guide: Be careful of backstabbing enemies

Because of that, you should never assume that your position is safe - you have to always be alert no matter how remote and silent the area is. It is the key to survival, as people might be sneaking up behind your back at any moment.

6 - Call of Duty Warzone Solos Tips: Rooftop snipers are super powerful

We have mentioned previously that Warzone is the playground of snipers - with players beefing themselves up with Armor Plates, having a gun that can kill regardless of the additional HP is very important. With Verdansk being a semi-urban area, there are a lot of tall buildings to take advantage of.

Call Of Duty Warzone solos guide
Call Of Duty Warzone solos guide: Rooftop Snipers are a big problem in Solos

Snipers aren't as strong in squads, as people can just revive each other after someone got sniped. It is the opposite in Solo mode. If you don't have a sniper rifle yet, it is a very good idea have to keep an eye on the rooftops to watch out for enemies.

7 - CoD Warzone Solos guide: High Alert perk is much more important than usual

This is one of the highly essential perks for this mode that you should equip in all your loadouts. This perk would give out an advance warning whenever an enemy spotted you - giving players a window of reaction to either duck into covers or shoot back. Getting one-shot killed in Solo is extremely common, and you would definitely want to reduce the chances for that to happen.

call of duty warzone solos mode
Call of duty warzone solos mode: Pick the High Alert perk if you can

This concludes our guide for the CoD Warzone Solos Mode. Interested in more of our posts related to Call of Duty Warzone Solos Guide? Please check out this post for the best loadout presets for this game.