Recently, the usage rate of the different Apex Legends’ legends has raised up a heat concern among this game lovers. Characters such as Wraith, Lifeline or Bangalore was listed near the top, meanwhile Gibraltar as well as Caustic brought up the rear.

Through Apex Legends hitboxes’ competition, players may have noticed that those characters don’t equal in shapes. The game producer did create them to form in their own particular hitbox, which has special posture along with stature. Let’s have a closer look at essential indexes comparing those characters.

A YouTuber called "basicallyidowrk" was the first to lit up a Frag Grenades worth of Apex Legends balance discussion on Twitter. The picture he uploaded was a screenshot from an Apex Legends sub-Reddit with an immortal question: "Just how big IS Gibraltar's Hitbox?"

Wraith Apex In Gta 5
Wraith: 33 cm2
Lifeline: 37 cm2 (12% bigger than Wraith)
Bloodhound Apex
Bloodhound: 37 cm2 (the same size as Lifeline)
Mirage: 44 cm2 (33% bigger than Wraith)
Apex Banglore
Bangalore: 44 cm2 (the same size as Mirage)
Pathfinder Apex Legends
Pathfinder – 3rd place: 63 cm2 (90% bigger than Wraith)
Caustic – the 1st runner up: 68 cm2 (105% bigger than Wraith)
Gibraltar – the largest: 79 cm2 (140% bigger than Wraith)

Why are those differences issue? Imagine that when a game's legend is plagued with a larger hitbox, the different size will make it unplayable. This problem with hitboxes is crucial to any Apex Legends players cause AL’s Battle Royales are strongly in balance both hit shots and dodging so legends with larger hitboxes is a hindrance for special capacities to fight with.

You can understand that the dominant size - Gibraltar may be easier to hit in combat than smaller size like Wraith can do. However, someone may argue that the differences are quite strong to maintain.

We'll have to be patient while waiting whether there is a balance in hitboxes coming to Apex or not. However, it is interesting to hear this fact, isn’t it?

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