Humankind has advanced to the point that they have created a super all-powerful AI to serve them after years and years of researching. However, one day, disaster happened. The environment changed drastically, caused volcanoes to explode and the sea level to rise at an unprecedented scale. People have no other choice but to move away from the shoreline and live further inland. The AI was used to help the human with the migration process. The AI was doing a great job and people started giving it more and more computing power to solve these problems.

Eventually, they triggered the Singularity which caused AI started to have its own consciousness. The AI then came to the conclusion that mankind needed to be destroyed in order to preserve the Earth, so it planned to kill every single person on the planet. Of course, we stood no chance against robots that were being mass produced all around the world.

Uragun uses the top-down perspective

As the last resort, the best gamer in the world (that you) was assigned to an ultimate war machine called Uragun. Now, you will control Uragun from International Space Station to prevent AI from advancing and retake the world.

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You will control an ultimate war machine from space, fighting hordes of robots

Uragun, developed by Kool2Play, is a top-down shooter game that combines the traits of many classic games like Syndicate, Crimsonland, and Helldivers. Players will be put on different locations around the world such as New York, London, Berlin, Moscow, Beijing, and Warsaw to clear out the endless swarms of AI bots. Each type of bot will have their own unique abilities and behaviors with all kind of sizes and shapes. Your machine will be equipped with many different kinds of weapon and power-ups to blow enemies up to pieces and drown them in fire.

Uragun will be released in Q1 2020 on Steam for PCs.