Currently, every single game in the Darksiders franchise has been singleplayer, third-person hack and slash action-adventure games, with inspiration from famous series such as God of War, Devil May Cry and maybe even Dark Souls. However, the upcoming entry is going to be very different, with Diablo inspired gameplay and mechanics. Below is the gameplay trailer of the game:

The release date for Darksiders Genesis has been revealed, with the Stadia and PC versions coming out first. According to the developers, THQ Nordic, the aforementioned versions would be released on December 5. Console players would have to wait for about 2.5 months, with a February 14, 2020 release date.

This game would follow War and Strife in the events prior to War's banishment

Some fans might now like this, but overall, the reception of Darksiders Genesis seems to be normal. A lot of people have expressed their excitement about the coop mode, along with the first appearance of the final Champion, Strife. This game would be a prequel to the first entry, however, and it looks like there would also be some tie ins to the third game.

Dsg June2019 3
A vertical spinning attack of Strife

As the reviews for the previous game, Darksiders 3, were mixed, THQ Nordic probably believes that this game would be able to bring everything back from the brink of collapse. Despite all the issues plagued the launch like bugs and technical difficulties, Darksiders 3 still met the sales quota, and if Genesis turned out to be a success, we might even get more games in this style in the future.

Darksiders Genesis Switch 005 1038x576
The graphics look pretty decent, with detailed textures and characters

Darksiders Genesis will be released on Dec 5 for both Google Stadia and PC, with a Feb 14, 2020 release for consoles. For more of Gurugamer's video games related posts, please check out this article for the top open-world games in 2020.