At this point, all of us have known or at least heard of Death Stranding - the next creation of the legendary video game maker Hideo Kojima. We have reported a lot of leaks about this AAA titles, including how long the game can be, or the promising cinematic experience this game can bring to its players. But then, to be fair, no one can be certain about the true content of the game. If you ask the most hardcore Kojima fan you can find about the true plot of Death Stranding, he will surely scratch his head.

In the effort to give the fans more knowledge about the game, Death Stranding has shown up at the Tokyo Game Show this year (happening right now) to give the fans more information of the game, especially what this game is about. Hideo Kojima and his team have released numerous new content of the game so that the fans can have a clearer understanding of this title. The first thing to be released is the new poster of the game.

New poster of Death Stranding

Besides the new poster, this game also released a totally new trailer in 4K resolution, and there are two versions of the trailer: an English version and a Japanese version. We will put both versions right down here for you guys.

And last but not least, Hideo Kojima has come to the stage of Tokyo Game Show 2019 to demonstrate a 50-minute gameplay video of Death Stranding. This Japanese video game maker believes this gameplay clip will tell his fans what they need to know about the game. But, before we go to that 50-minute gameplay video, we have to say this. Hideo Kojima himself does not want you to watch the clip since he thinks that you guys will enjoy the game much more when you don't know much about the game.

If you want to take the words of Kojima seriously, then exit this article now. But if you insist to watch that 50-minute gameplay video, then it is right down here.

(gameplay video starts at 07:25)