Resident Evil 2 Remake is one of the most successful in the industry with its phenomenal graphical designs. Seeing what Capcom has done with Resident Evil 2, people are desperately asking questions for a remake of its 'sibling' - Dino Crisis. But none of them received their answers, so a group of fans has decided to make it themselves.

Dino Crisis Fan Remake Gameplay Trailer 5
Fans are asking for a Dino Crisis remake, but Capcom doesn't respond

So here we are, having the new Dino Crisis fan project based on Capcom's game, but now, with the help of Epic's Unreal Engine 4. Team Arklay is the creators behind this project, and recently, they've released a gameplay trailer showcasing the first action scenes of the project. And would you look at that!

It looks not only smooth but also very detailed as well, including both character's models but also the dinosaur's movements and flesh as well. You can see the trailer below for details:

What can we see in this trailer of Dino Crisis fan project?

If you haven't heard about Dino Crisis yet, it's the horror survival game from Capcom - the developer of Resident Evil 2. In fact, this game followed almost nearly the same concept as Resident Evil (and its pre-rendered background world as well), but instead of fighting zombies, you'll fight against the prehistorical creatures - dinosaurs.

Dino Crisis Fan Remake Gameplay Trailer 6
Capcom's Dino Crisis might look great in 1999, but definitely not now

To be more specific, you'll follow a special red-head agent namely Regina, investigating a research basement on an abandoned island. However, you soon find out that the facility is now full of dinosaurs, and you'll have to lead her through the survival journey and figure out the secrets behind this overrun.

The remake version from Team Arklay takes exactly the story and concept of the original Dino Crisis, but has made its visual to match the modern standards. To be more specific, they've used Unreal Engine 4 to polish almost everything of the game. In detail, you can see Regina walking in the darkest corners of the facilities to find a bunch of dinosaurs. I don't know their exact names, but you might recognize the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex at the end of the video.

Dino Crisis Fan Remake Gameplay Trailer 4
Featuring Regina shooting dinosaurs in beautiful HD visuals

There, you can see how Regina walks, runs and shoots in this game, as well as how the dinosaurs suffer from her bullets. Even better, as the developer has carefully designed the body of the prehistoric creatures, as you can see their flesh and blood all over the store as well.

Dino Crisis Fan Remake Gameplay Trailer 3
The lighting and particles in this fanmade game are quite detailed

The project is progressing nicely, and if the developer can keep this pace, we'll be able to see at least a demo coming in early 2020. Of course, that's without opposition from the original developer - Capcom. Team Arklay still hasn't received any C&D letter from Capcom to stop their project yet, and it's a good sign.

Dino Crisis Fan Remake Gameplay Trailer 1
A demo from Team Arklay might come very soon in 2020

Are you excited to touch your hand on this Dino Crisis Remake?