There are a bunch of beautiful Pokemon-esque games in the market right now. We can mention some of them like Temtem or Monster Sanctuary, which will please every demanding eye.

However, if you're desperately finding a game with retro vibes, which brings back the good-old Pokemon-collecting experience, check Disc Creatures out. This one-man project is coming to PC soon, and you can watch the announcement trailer of the game below:

The world of Disc Creatures

Taking the settings of a fictional fantasy world, Disc Creatures put you into the shoes of an unknown Disc Ranger (DiscR for short). The inhabitants in this land are not only human but also a wide range of wild creatures as well. Each of them has their distinctive personalities, abilities and their own concept of morality.

Living happily together, the DiscRs can use their CDs to 'tame' those creatures to help anyone in need. Even though you don't want to become the greatest Disc Ranger ever, you can still enjoy your adventure in this quaint landscape. On your way, you'll gradually reveal the mystery covering this land, and it's going to be darker and fearful than you've thought.

Disc Creatures Release Date Announcement 4
The world of Disc Creatures has a dark secret

With the talent of a licensed DiscR yourself and the most awesome allies, you'll bring peace to the land of Disc Creatures!

Gameplay overview

The story of Disc Creatures is not too special if I don't want to say "familiar" to mostly every Pokemon-inspired game. However, its retro visuals and quirky gameplay make it really stand out in the industry.

Disc Creatures Release Date Announcement 2
Its story is quite normal, especially when comparing to its gameplay

Generally, Disc Creatures is a role-playing game that takes inspiration from the classics and intends to respect the elements that form the genre. In this game, you'll dive in the retro pixelated world as a Disc Ranger, and start your own your new to reveal the mystery of this world.

Disc Creatures Release Date Announcement 3
Find data about the creatures you've tamed on DiscR network

The developer promised that this story guarantees 20 or more hours of gameplay, which you will probably spend time exploring and taming creatures even after finishing the main quest. To be more specific, Disc Creatures provides 200 creatures for you to collect, but you can only bring 3 into the battles. Furthermore, each creature has its own skill set and some of the skills can only be unlocked by giving them items and leveling.

Disc Creatures Release Date Announcement 1
Each creature has its own skill tree, which will cost you a decent amount of time grinding to level up

Last but not least, the one-man developer SATTO has added more colors to your journey, bringing a variety of characters into the game. Together with the soothing soundtrack, it will make your adventure memorable.

Release date

Disc Creatures is coming for PC on October 17. You can go to its Steam page and add it to your wishlist to receive the notification when it comes out.

Disc Creatures Release Date Announcement 6
The game is coming out on October 17

The pricing details of the game is not announced yet.