Are you a cat person or a dog person? If you are the first kind, then you can check the journey of a gang of cats on the GTA-like meow game - Peace Island here!

However, if you are among the latter ones, or you just simply love both of them, then let's check out Doggone!

About Doggone

Doggone is the product from the indie developer Raconteur Games. The game will take you into the shoes of a cute puppy, living its ordinary life. You wake up, yawning and shaking under the cozy sun. However, you start to find out that something very stranges is happening - you can't find your owner.

Doggone Kickstarter Campaign 2
Doggo can't found its owner

It turns out you have been lost. Now, you'll have to run through a range of strange places, using your doggy instinct to find the way back to your home, your family!

The story of Doggone is quite familiar as we all grow up with animals adventure. However, who doesn't love this touching and fascinating kind of experience?

Furthermore, with Doggone, you can not only see the dog's journey but also take part in it! This game features hybrid gameplay of platforming and puzzle-solving. Apart from that, you can also use your super sensitive nose to smell some juicy items lies in hidden places. Those items will come very handy in the future.

Doggone Kickstarter Campaign 1
Good items are always very smelly!

Even though you're really hurrying to find your way home, stopping here and there is not a big problem. During that time, you can experience some non-sense habits of a dog. This game allows you to roll in the dirt to make yourself delightful. Nobody finds out why dogs have to do that, but it's not a bad experience either. Might be you'll understand why while exploring further in this game.

Doggone Kickstarter Campaign 3
You can enjoy doing stupid dog things any time on your way back

The developer has spoiled a bit about the story, that Doggone will have a positive ending. It's not very nice of them, but I don't think making a sad finale is a good choice in this hopeful journey of the furry animal either.

Help its Kickstarter campaign

Raconteur Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $100k for Doggone. However, the game has only met about 8% of its goal with 123 backers.

Doggone Kickstarter Campaign 4
Support Doggone on its Kickstarter page

This campaign still lasts for 28 more days, but the quicker they met their goals, the earlier we can touch our hand on this fluffy journey! The developer's aim is to make this game an episodic one, allows them to deliver it as soon as possible.

The creators need some encouragement from you, so let's help accelerate this funding process!