The gaming industry is getting more and more updated, with various new technology getting constantly applied to games. Nowadays, even consoles are pushing past 30 - 60 FPS, bringing gamers a much more enjoyable gaming experience.

Doom Eternal New Trailer 5
Ripping off your enemies for your needed parts

PC users, however, demand even more than that with a lot of people fervently customize their rigs to the maximum limit. Id Software has responded to that subset of players today with some relatively unbelievable news: Doom Eternal has almost no frame rate cap, with certain builds capable to get the game to 1000 frames per second. This is a new feature of the latest id Tech 7 engine - the previous id Tech 6 can only reach 250 FPS max.

Even 250 FPS seems like an absurd number - in an age where Microsoft's upcoming flagship console would be locked at 120 FPS max. However, this 1000 FPS is pretty much for the future PC hardware, as currently, they have only able to pump the game to 400 FPS using a specialized setup.

3545130 Doom
The chainsaw would be the default melee weapon

Doom Eternal is going to be one of the most anticipated titles of 2020, after the previous delay. It is going to be the follow up for Doom 2016, keeping the core gameplay while adding various new features such as platforming and wall scaling. Unlike the previous game, you would be able to interact with most objects in the environment in order to create the most fast-paced high octane experience possible.

The game would also feature a special multiplayer mode called "Battlemode" in which you would step into the shoes of the Doom Slayer or one of the two demons in a 1 vs 2 battle. This is an asymmetrical concept similar to Friday the 13th and Evolve have done before - with a lot of potential for further expansion.

Doom Eternal will be available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Stadia on March 20th, with a Switch release on a later date.