Dota 2's long-awaited 7.28 patch is finally here. The name of the update is 'Mistwood - it adds a new hero, over 100 new Aghanim updates... along with new items, both shops and neutral. In this article, we would break down some of the biggest changes in this Dota 2 New Updates.

1 - A brand new hero "Hoodwink"

Hoodwink is the new hero for this patch - she's a ranged agility hero with abilities similar to Windrunner... along with unique mechanics involving trees. She's a giant squirrel.

Dota 2 New Updates

  • Her first skill is Witch Doctor's bouncing cask - with slow instead of stun and deals much more damage. It can be cast on the ground to create a tree.
  • Her second skill is an easier to use version of Windrunner's shackles - it would tie any unit in the AOE to a tree inside it.
  • Her third skill is an active skill that lets her walk inside trees just like Treant Protector.
  • Her Ultimate is a fusion between Windrunner's Powershot, Kotl's Illuminate and Sniper's Assassinate. You can charge for up to 5 seconds to release an arrow - the first target hit by it would take damage, slow and break based on the channeling duration.

2 - Aghanim's Shards: every hero get a new ability

Aghanim's Shard is a weaker version of Aghanim Scepter's buff - it can be purchased for 1400 gold starting at the 20-minute mark... and would be consumed immediately after buying. It is impossible to list all updates here, as there are over 100 of them - we would only list out the most notable.

  • Clockwerk gets a jetpack with Aghanim's Shards... for 6 seconds of flying movement and vision.
  • Brewmaster gets a fourth spirit for his ultimate.
  • Dark Seer gets a passive attack ability with cooldown (like Kunkka's sword) that can stun, knockback and creates an illusion that attacks the target.

Dota 2 New Updates

Besides the new Shards, 23 Heroes also get their Aghanim upgrades reworked. The list including Anti-Mage, Arc Warden, Axe, Brewmaster, Dark Seer, Dazzle, Doom, Keeper of the Light, Leshrac, Lifestealer, Magnus, Mars, Meepo, Mirana, Naga Siren, Nature’s Prophet, Oracle, Phantom Lancer, Pudge, Tinker, Troll Warlord, Underlord, and Visage.

Some abilities gained by the shards are old skills that the hero has previously that were Tusk's Frozen Sigil and Keeper of the Light's Spirit Form.

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3 - New shop items

Aside from the new Aghanim's Shards update, there are 12 other new items added to the shop: Fluffy Hat, Falcon Blade, Orb of Corrosion, Witch Blade, Gleipnir, Mage Slayer, Eternal Shroud, Windwaker, level 2 Helm of the Dominator, Overwhelming Blink, Swift Blink and Arcane Blink.

Dota 2 New Updates

Gleipnir and Windwalker are the two most notable item of the group - the first one is Maelstrom x Rod of Atos, providing players with a powerful AOE root ability. Windwaker gives the Eul a much-needed upgrade - you can now move if you use cyclone on yourself... and save your teammates by cyclone them up.

The most exciting item upgrade of this patch is probably the 3 new versions of the blink dagger, each with effects corresponding to the three primary attributes of Str, Agi, and Int.

  • Overwhelming Blink: slows and damages all enemies in 800 AOE around the destination. Perfect for Centaur or Tidehunter.
  • Arcane Blink: gives the wielder a 25% cooldown reduction and -50% cast point. Enigma would absolutely love this item for a smaller cooldown of Blackhole and faster deployment of Midnight Pulse.
  • Swift Blink: gives the wielder bonus damage and attack speed as well as phased movement upon blinking. Templar Assassin would definitely get this item.

Dota 2 New Updates

Besides the above new items, these following items also have their recipe and bonuses changed: Octarine Core, Bloodstone, Silver Edge, Heart of Tarrasque, Holy Locket, Satanic, Drum of Endurance, Glimmer Cape, Hood of Defiance, Vladimir's Offering, Mekansm, Guardian Greaves, and Dagon.

4 - New neutral items

Aside from the new shop items, 14 new neutral items have also been added to the game while a number of existing ones have been cycled out.

Valve has added 14 new neutral items and cycled out a couple of them - this is an attempt to keep the pool undiluted and it is likely that they would get switched back in later.

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  • Tier 5: Giant’s Ring and Book of Shadows have been added while Woodland Striders and Trident have been removed.
  • Tier 4: Penta-Edged Sword, Stormcrafter, and Trickster Cloak have been added while Magic Lamp, Witless Shako, Prince’s Knife, and Havoc Hammer have been removed.
  • Tier 3: Elven Tunic, Cloak of Flames, Ceremonial Robe, and Psychic Headband have been added while Repair Kit, Craggy Coat, and Greater Faerie Fire have been removed.
  • Tier 2: Quicksilver Amulet and Bull Whip have been added while Clumsy Net and Vampire Fangs have been removed.
  • Tier 1: Fairy’s Trinket, Chipped Vest, and Possessed Mask have been added while Mango Tree, Poor Man’s Shield, and Iron Talon have been removed.

The stats of various items have also been modified as well. For the full changelog of this Dota 2 new updates, you can check the official page from Valve.