Everyone has once dreamed of being a bird and fly freely in the sky. However, after finding out what a migrating bird has to care about through Dune Sea, you might want to reconsider your wish of being a bird.

As we are coming closer to the game's release date, the developer Frolic Labs has drop a new teaser for their self-published titles. Below is that teaser, in which you can have a look to find out what the poor bird has to get over:

The concept of Dune Sea

Dune Sea takes place in a vast desert, where a disaster has struck and destroying the home of many birds. Step on the wings of one of them, you'll have to migrate away from this desert to find a new place to live.

Dune Sea Launch October 10 7
The desert is not a safe place to live anymore after the catastrophe strikes

From a lonely one that was separated from your flock, you'll start to make your own journey and collect other lost birds as well. In order to survive in this ruined desert, you'll have to fly across the endless dunes to a foreign land.

On your way, you can't afford to just admire the ever-changing and aesthetic landscape but also collecting necessities and avoiding other creatures that are lurking to hunt you down as well.

Dune Sea Launch October 10 8
The only option you have against those predators is by flying away

Will you be able to initially rejoin your flocks?

Gameplay features

Generally, Dune Sea is a side-scrolling game, as you'll take control of a separated bird. As a result, you won't run and fight on the ground through the desert. Instead, your task is to fly across this sand sea, survive and find your flock.

Dune Sea Launch October 10 3
Dune Sea features beautiful lo-fi poly visuals

Even though it's not a flying simulator where you can experience how a bird flies through your own eyes, it still teaches you what the bird needs to care about. But yes, you can still experience some wonderful aerial stunts, which you can perform as you progress further in the desert. It includes speeding up, gliding, sharp turning, and all of them will be portrayed through exceptional animations.

Dune Sea Launch October 10 5
Master aerial moves as soon as you can!

However, as life is very severe, you don't have any time on Earth to learn how to master flying. The dangers are waiting for you ahead, so you'll need to learn as quick as you can. Fortunately, you'll not be alone forever, since you'll encounter some beautiful birds to fly alongside you. Invite them to fly under your leadership, and you'll soon get your own flock!

Last but not least, apart from the beautiful landscapes of rocky deserts, volcanos, forests, etc, Dune Sea also has a lot of puzzles for you to solve. They usually come as obstacles standing in your way, and you'll have to do special moves to break through them.

Dune Sea Launch October 10 2

Dune Sea is coming out for PC on October 10.