Dust Diver has been staying in Steam Early Access for more than 6 months now. This stage got this game a lot of fans for its gorgeous visuals and intriguing gameplay, and players are desperately waiting for the game to come out.

Since the early version of the game is only available for PC, consoles users can only look at it and admire. But now, the story is completely different, since the developer JFI Games, Justdan International has launched the 1.0 version of Dust Diver for PC, PS4 and Switch.

Below is the launch trailer of the game from the publisher PQube, which you can watch to see how good it is:

The story of Dust Diver

Dust Diver takes the settings of a futuristic city of Ximending. You'll take control of a young woman namely Yang Yumo, who is a magical martial art master. With the fantastic skills in hands, she'll have to travel between Ximending and its mirrored dimension - Youshanding and defeat the phantoms here.

Dust Diver Launched Ps4 Switch Pc Steam 2
Yang Yumo will be the heroine of Ximending, protecting it from the other dimension's phantoms

Saving both worlds from the evil force is an impossible task for just a high-school girl. Luckily, she has the help of her trusty Guardians, which give her the ability to unleash ultimate attacks in her one-vs-all battles. Taking place in a famous tourist attraction in China, players will not only admire the beauty of its combats, but also the beauty of the city as well.

What will Yang Yumo's adventure lead her to?

Gameplay features

As I've mentioned, Dust Diver is an action-adventure game, which puts you into the shoes of a young girl - Yang Yumo with spiritual powers. You'll have to walk between the two dimensions of the city - Ximending, and Youshanding, living your normal life of a schoolgirl while defending the mundane world.

Basically, Dust Diver has quite similar gameplay to the Dynasty Warriors series, in which you'll have to rely on your skills to stand against hordes of phantoms. She has a light attack and a strong one, which she can combine to perform chains of combos. You'll feel the satisfaction while punching and kicking the phantoms with the gorgeous animations of this game. Just like in your favorite anime about heroism!

Dust Diver Launched Ps4 Switch Pc Steam 4
Dust Diver has beautiful anime-like graphics!

The battles might be easy at first, but it will become extremely difficult in the future. Hence, you'll need help from the Guardians of Ximending to stay relevant. Each Guardian will give you a Musou-like ultimate skill, which is not only capable of blasting your enemies off but also for utility purposes as well. Hence, choosing the most suitable one for your playstyle and situations are very crucial.

Dust Diver Launched Ps4 Switch Pc Steam 6
Summon your Guardian to perform the powerful combined attacks

Finally, Dust Diver is not always about running and fighting. Instead, it's a great mixture of the combats and non-combat experience, which requires you to live your colorful life of a schoolgirl as well. Ximending is a beautiful tourist attraction of China, and you'll have chances to explore every corner of this buzzing location with your spiritual friends.

For example, having a meal at a vibrant restaurant will boost your mood, increasing your stats before jumping to the mission. Furthermore, hanging out with the Guardians will tighten your relationship with them, making your tandem skills more effective.

Dust Diver Launched Ps4 Switch Pc Steam 3
Explore the vibrant city of Ximending - one of the buzziest city in the world!

Besides, there are also many places such as colorful stores with neon light or other local foods that you'd enjoy with your friends. Powered by Unreal Engine, Ximending looks very lively in Dust Diver!

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