One of the most anticipated video games of 2020 is Dying Light 2. This first person title with the zombie theme is the sequel of Dying Light (2015). Dying Light is consider to be among the best video games about zombie, from all the aspects of the game, so the second part of this game series has already carried a lot of expectation from the fans. In the timeline of the game, this second part will be set 15 years after the first part.

Dyinglight2 Screen 05
Dying Light 2

In the game, there are still some groups of humans surviving, but it is the "modern dark age" now. The civilization we knew has long gone. There are a lot of infected zombies roaming around the streets at night, hunting for their preys - the living humans. But that does not mean the days are safe. During the days, robbers, gangters and survivors searching every single corners for whatever left from the world we know. All of them are starving to death.

Dyinglight2 Screen 07
Dying Light 2

You are still Aiden Caldwell in the game. You survived the virus after being infected, and that gives you the power. You are incredibly fast and strong, thus now you have the ultimate combat skills. That makes you a valuable ally for anyone in this dark world. As the world now is dark - literally because there is no power at night - and fearful, you have to make hard choices to keep the humanity from extinction. The civilized world we knew has gone forever, but its relics are still lying around, reminding us of the terrible world we are living.

Dyinglight2 Screen 06
Dying Light 2

If this game happens to make you feel interested in it, then we have some good news for you. The publisher of this title - Techland Publishing - has just rolled out a 26 minute gameplay video in 4k resolution. We have it right below for you guys, so feel free to enjoy. This game will be released in the beginning of 2019, so be ready to save the world from zombies.