The aliens are landing on Earth much earlier than we all expected! Earth Defense Force 5 is coming to PC this month, and it's not the training exercises.

Get your attitude up and prepare to go to the battlefield now with this announcement trailer.

About the story

Earth Defense Force 5 takes the settings of the future Earth in 2022. Humans are living peacefully with the protection from the Earth Defense Force (EDF for short), while the alien disk-like spaceship appears in Japan's sky. Drop down from the huge fleet are the aliens, which we called the Primers.

Earth Defense Force 5 Via Steam This July 6
The UFO lands on Japan

And they definitely don't come with goodwill. Fully armed with weapons, the Primers fired at the citizens and trying to find the way to the EDF base under the ground.

So, to protect yourself and the human's being, it's time for the EDF to fight back!

Earth Defense Force 5 gameplay

A year and a half after the game first came to consoles, Earth Defense Force 5 finally makes its way to PC. And all the things that make the game great is coming to PC as well.

In the game, you'll have to fight against armies of aliens as the weak and vulnerable humans. It's 2022, so guns will be your best friends on this battlefield. As you shoot the aliens, their armor will fall, and their liquids will spill out every from their body. The battles have never been such realistic!

Earth Defense Force 5 Via Steam This July 5
When you shoot an alien, it's green blood will spill out everywhere

The developer also promised that this title will have more weapons and missions than any other ones from the series. And the difficulty levels of the mission also rise too, which requires you to team up with your comrades to deal with them.

To be more specific, the game features up-to-four-player co-op. You can either form a team with online friends or split your screen while seating nearby each other to shoot down the invaders. After all, no soldier fights alone, and the developer is trying its best to give you this experience.

Earth Defense Force 5 Via Steam This July 3
Team up with your friend to protect the Earth

Earth Defense Force 5 let you play as one of four classes in the beginning. However, don't waste too much time on choosing because you can try other classes later on. To unlock more classes, you only need to complete the missions, and you can switch to other classes freely as many times as you want prior to the missions.

Earth Defense Force 5 Via Steam This July 1
As long as you're not on the missions, you can freely change your classes

Earth Defense Force 5 is coming out on July 11. And before the aliens invade, you should prime your skills by playing more games coming out this week!