While Minecraft is a huge open-world game with a lot of things to explore, there are still many aspects that have not been fleshed out fully. Mob variants are chief among them - there are plenty of biomes without any signature mobs.

Looks like the desert biome is going to get its turn in the limelight with the 1.20 update. In the recent Minecraft Live 2022 event, Mojang revealed a number of planned features, with the Camel being one of them.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase everything known so far about Camels in Minecraft 1.20.

1. Where to find Camels in Minecraft

The Desert biome is one of the worst biomes in the game. They are very bare, with the main content being sand, sandstone, dead bushes, brown rabbits, and cacti. There would also be the occasional variant of zombies called husks. There have been plans to improve the diversity of deserts, but the desert lost the 2018 biome contest with only 15% of the vote.

Minecraft Camel Feature

5 years later, with the introduction of 1.20, looks like we will finally get a good update for this overlooked region. The new camel will join the exclusive—and small—family of desert dwelling mobs.

Players will be able to find them wandering around in the sands of the desert and clustering in desert villages. This means locating them when spawning here is even more important, as besides gears and loot players can now get a ride.

2. What do Minecraft Camels do?

Camels are ridable - players will be able to ride them around after taming. However, unlike horses or llama, players can ride on top of a camel with a friend. This is perfect for multiplayer - while the first player controls the camel, the second player can actually use weapons and tools.

Minecraft Camel Desert
The camels are actually pretty fast in real life.

It is unclear if one needs a saddle to ride a camel or not, as they might require a different item instead of a saddle. Physically, camels are also very tall - some shorter mobs won't be able to attack the player when they are riding a camel.

Additionally, camels also have different special abilities in comparison with horses. Instead of a vertical jump, it can dash horizontally across flat surfaces like ravines or rivers. This ability makes the camel perfect for traveling in deserts - players should be able to zip through the whole area at incredible speed.

3. How to tame and breed camels?

After getting the first pair of camels, players should be able to get them to breed by feeding cacti to them. Some camels actually eat cacti in real life.


Camels are also friendly right from the start - players likely can tame them, as they can be bred. There will be a baby and adult version of the mob, and the adult version can actually lie down on the ground.

Will camels have inventories like donkeys? It is unclear if they would be able to carry a chest, but most likely not.

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