Flying bug is one of the most annoying errors that dev team of Apex Legend is trying their best to fix till now. It means that players are about to fly around the map forever. Whenever players are about to land on the ground, they will be thrown back up to the air and keep flying.  And after your character is settled into the air once again, it can freely fly all over the map.

5A flying glitch in Apex Legend is quite a big problem for Respawn

Flying with this bug seems a little rough than when you first drop in. However, players can jump down to wherever they want anytime with a safe landing, after throwing back into the air again. Somehow, it gives players some chances to be in everywhere they want in the map as they are scouting the overall area out.

With some people, this glitch is great exploitation as it could help them to cheat on the game. Nevertheless, it is now a priority problem that Respawn, the developer of Apex Legends, is strongly objecting to. It will ban whoever try to take advantages of this glitch, as it is not fair for other gamers. According to recent updates, Respawn is trying its best, working extremely hard to solve this problem, removing this exploitable glitch from the game.

This bug has been there for 7 days, and it is quite prominent. However, it is not the only noticeable glitch either.

There is a glitch in the Peacekeeper shotgun that let Apex players shoot continuously 6 shots in one time, leaving seriously huge damage on rivals. It is redolent of the Fortnite’s swap shooting. But in Apex Legends, canceling the reload information will help using the same weapon constantly, by switching weapons and then, switching back as fast as possible.

6the Peacekeeper shotgun also has a glitch

One more obvious glitch is that The Pathfinder allowed resetting the wall climbing as decisively missing with his grappling book and another big one. This will let players keep using the weapons although they have already been knocked out.