ScourgeBringer is a fast-paced roguelike platformer from 2 developers E-studio and Flying Oak Games. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity suffered from a disaster caused by mysterious creatures. Players can expect lots of action along with the vibe of old Metroidvania games from this title. You can check out the early access trailer of ScourgeBringer right below.

Into the game, you will be playing as Kyhra, a deadly warrior. An Eldritch monolith is going to destroy her world unless she can find out about its secrets. She is sent by her clan to go on a quest to find out about her past and save the world from being filled by monsters.

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Discover the mysteries of the dungeon to know the stories of previous travelers

The road won't be easy but you will always have your trusty combat drone to slash all the enemies on her way through a never-ending dungeon that changes over time. You will face all kinds of monsters from ghosts, ancient machines, and giant bosses while discovering the stories of previous explorers.

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Defeating bosses at the end of each dungeon

Just like typical roguelike games, you will have to go through everything all over again if you die. But the challenges and the dungeons won't be the same anymore. The combat system only focuses on attacking so the only way for you to go is forward.

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The Early Access will be coming with all the core features of the game

ScourgeBringer is now available on Xbox Game Pass and Steam's Early Access with a price of $13.49. This version includes all the core mechanics and half the content of the full game. All features including addition game worlds, bosses, weapons, skills will be gradually added to the game later.

The game will be fully launched for PC later this year.