The Earth was once ruled by the race of Giants for centuries before they were put to sleep. Humanity thought that they were safe from the Giants for good, until now. Let's first watch the trailer of Giants Uprising below.

In the game, you will play as a giant who just awoke from a long 200-year sleep. But the world isn't the same anymore. You started to aware of what the human has done to the scared land of your friends and family. Many places and forests have turned to towns and cities. And the worst thing is most people of your kind has gone.

Giants Uprising Pc Gamescom 2019 Teaser Trailer 0
The world is crowed by human

Now, it's your duty to show human who is the real king of the Earth and claim back your land. Bring your wrath on them by crushing, destroying everything you encounter in your way. There many different types of Giants for you to choose from along with various weapons and abilities. There are clubs, crossbows, shields, and swords which you can upgrade to increase your strength. If you are hungry, you can hunt wild animals and breed cattle for food and increase your power. Make sure to pick up minerals and raw materials along the way because you going to need them to upgrade your weapons and skills.

You will play as a giant who just awoke from a 200-year sleep

The game feature a fantastic Middle Ages world with beautiful scenery and nature with caves forests and valleys under the eyes of a giant.

Giants Uprising Pc Gamescom 2019 Teaser Trailer 0
Smash and destroy everything

Giants Uprising is currently under development by VARSAV Game Studios. The game will be released through Steam for PC. There is no expected release date yet, but a demo of the game will be available at the upcoming Gamescom in entertainment Area, Hall 10.1, Booth F-022.