All GTA open world games have collectibles for players to find, and GTA 3 is not an exception. Players can only complete the game 100% after collecting all of them... and with the release of GTA 3 Definitive Edition, many players are playing the game again. In this article, we are going to list out all GTA 3 Definitive Edition collectibles.

This is the first game in the 3D universe that includes this mechanic. GTA Vice City collectibles and GTA San Andreas collectibles are fairly similar.

1. Hidden Packages

Similar to Vice City, there are 100 hidden packages scattered all around GTA 3's Liberty City. While most are in plain sight, some are hidden in places that players only gain access to after finishing certain storyline missions.

hidden packages in GTA
GTA 3's hidden packages are placed all over the place.

They have the appearance of a white bale which is tied up with brown package adhesive tape. After collecting all the packages, a rocket launcher will spawn at the hideout.

Map of all hidden packages in GTA 3 Definitive Edition collectibles.

2. Stunt Jumps

Players can gain money by performing stunt jumps in various places around Liberty City. Each completed jump will yield $5,000, which get multiplied by the number of jumps completed. This means players can earn up to 1 million by completing these 20 jumps alone.

Performing insane stunt jumps also gives extra money. These are needed for 100% completion.

Players can do a lot of unique stunt jumps in this game.

3. Rampages

There are 20 rampage missions you can complete in GTA 3. To do that, players need to look for the blue skull icons scattered all over the city. Similar to stunt jumps, Rampage's reward also starts at $5,000 and increases every time players finish one. At the 20th rampage, players can get up to $100,000... and after completing all 20, they get a further bonus of $1,000,000.

Rampage quest
Rampage quests are much harder than normal content.

Rampages in GTA 3 are actually pretty hard and much more challenging than the Vice City version. They task players with killing a certain amount of enemies or destroying a certain amount of vehicles within 2 minutes.

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