There are 5 different types of collectibles in GTA San Andreas. If you want to enjoy 100% of the game, it is important to find all these items placed around the map. They are not just map-markers of course - the more you collect, the bigger your reward. In this article, we are going to showcase all GTA San Andreas definitive edition collectibles.

1. Tags

Gang tags are graffiti that can be found all over the place in San Andreas. There is a ludicrous number of them placed all over the place in the game. By spraying your own tag over them, players can get various items like the Molotov Cocktail, AK-17, Saw-off Shotguns, and the TEC 9 delivered to their kitchen at the Johnson House.

GTA tags
Spraying your tag over the other gang's

If the player managed to find and spray over all the gang tags, all members of the Grove Street Gang get their gear upgraded. They will now use Desert Eagles, SMGs and Knives in addition to the usual TEC 9 and pistol. They are some of the most useful weapons in GTA San Andreas.

2. Snapshots

Snapshots are pictures you can take using the camera in San Fierro. These are 50 snapshots locations and taking one of them will yield $100. By collecting all snapshots, the player will get $5000 and unlock a few weapons at Doherty Garage. The list includes the Micro Uzi, Grenades, Pump Action Shotgun, and Sniper Rifle.

Additionally, players will get $100,000 upon completing all 50. This is why exploring around the place and completing GTA San Andreas definitive edition collectibles is definitely worth the trouble.

Taking pictures of landmarks and locations can net you free items.

3. Horseshoes

Horseshoes are the main collectible that players can gather in Las Venturas. For each horseshoe collected, the player gets $100. Similar to snapshots, the player will receive 4 weapons and $100,000 upon collecting all of them.

The 4 reward weapons are SMG, Satchel Charges, a Combat Shotgun, and an M4. They will spawn in front of the Four Dragon Casino.

Horseshoes are scattered all over the town.

4. Oysters

Oysters are scattered all over the map of GTA San Andreas. Players can get $100 for each oyster they gather. Similar to the above collectibles, players receive $100,000 upon completing them all. However, unlike the other collectibles, players don't get any weapons from this.

By collecting all the oysters, players will get a maximum lung capacity increase and a special perk allowing them to date new girlfriends in GTA San Andreas without having to follow the conditions needed for it.

Oysters can be pretty annoying to gather, as you need to swim around a lot.

5. Unique Stunt Jumps

On the map of San Andreas, there are 70 unique stunt jump locations. Players will get $500 upon completing each challenge, which equates to $35,000 for all 70. However, there is no complete reward for this collectible and it is not required to get 100% of the game.

Grand Theft Auto
A complete map of all GTA San Andreas definitive edition collectibles.

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