With the release of GTA Vice City Definitive Edition, many players are coming back to the game... and a lot of them want to complete it 100% all over again. To do that, players need to gather all four types of collectibles. In this article, we are going to showcase a list of all GTA Vice City Definitive Edition collectibles.

1. Hidden packages

There are a total of 100 Hidden Packages in GTA Vice City. They are represented by a small green and gold bird-like creature. Players need to walk over and get them all to 100% the game. For every 10 packages they collect, an extra reward is added. Upon collecting the final one, players get a $100,000 reward.

Hidden packages
Hidden packages can be anywhere in Vice City.

The reward will show up near your Safe House, or other unique locations. This is how players can get the Rhino tank and the Hunter helicopter without cheating. San Andreas collectibles are similar to this.

Packages Rewards Location
10 Body Armor Ocean View Hotel/Starfish Island Mansion
20 Chainsaw Ocean View Hotel/Starfish Island Mansion
30 Python Ocean View Hotel/Starfish Island Mansion
40 Flame-thrower Ocean View Hotel/Starfish Island Mansion
50 Laser Scope Sniper Rifle Ocean View Hotel/Starfish Island Mansion
60 Minigun Ocean View Hotel/Starfish Island Mansion
70 Rocket Launcher Ocean View Hotel/Starfish Island Mansion
80 Sea Sparrow Starfish Island Mansion Helipad
90 Rhino Fort Baxter Air Base
100 Hunter + $100,000 Fort Baxter Air Base
Vc Hidden Packages
GTA Vice City Definitive Edition collectibles hidden packet locations in GTA Vice City.

2. Rampages

Rampages are kill missions, indicated by skull icons found on the map. There are 35 rampage missions in GTA Vice City and their goal is to kill a number of people, in a specific amount of time, with a unique weapon. Players earn some cash after each Rampage.

Rampage lets players enjoy the GTA gunfights without increasing their wanted level.

Overall, these missions are actually pretty fun to play, as they force players to adapt on the fly and race against the clock. However, their rewards are fairly low at only $50 each.

Vice City Rampage
Vice City map for all rampage locations.

3. Unique Stunt Jumps

Players can perform a number of stunt jumps for money, notoriety, and percentage points towards completion. Unique Stunt Jumps can only be completed at specific sections on the map. In order to complete one of these jumps, you'll have to start from a specific point and land at another.

stunt jumps
Players can find stunt jumps all over the map.

For each jump the player completed, they get an incremental reward starting at $100. There are 36 places where players can do a unique jump in GTA Vice City, and by completing all of them, players will get $10,000.

4. Purchase all properties

After completing 'Shakedown', players get the ability to buy properties in the game. In GTA Vice City, there are 10 assets that players can purchase, with the maximum amount of money needed being roughly $400,o00.

Gta Vice City Closed Bridges
Players can purchase a wide range of properties in GTA Vice City.

Upon purchase, they will give players a daily profit, which allows them to make all their money back eventually. This is amongst the costliest GTA Vice City Definitive Edition collectibles.

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