GTA San Andreas is one of the best video games ever created, a timeless classic. Many players even claim that it is the best GTA game period. With the upcoming release of the GTA Remastered Trilogy on November 11, quite a few features of GTA:SA are going to be improved. In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 improved features in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition.

Gang territory
Rockstar is going to improve a lot of features in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition.

1. BMX

The iconic BMX is going to come back in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition. It is the first vehicle players encounter in the game, with CJ sprouting the famous quote "Ahh Sh*t here we go again". With the BMX, players can participate in a side mission called the BMX Challenge, where Carl must pass through a number of red coronas by bunny hop to the maximum height.

The ability to perform various maneuvers makes the BMX one of the most exciting vehicles in the game. The definitive edition is going to improve it even more.

Performing trick with the iconic BMX.

2. Girlfriends

Girlfriend is a feature that was introduced in GTA San Andreas. In the course of the game, there are six possible girlfriends Carl Johnson can date, with two of them, Denise Robinson and Millie Perkins, becoming girlfriends through the storyline. This is one of the few features that GTA 5 does not have.

In the original 2004 graphics, characters look pretty bad, with facial details blurry and unclear. However, the Definitive Edition completely changes that - players will be able to charm the girls in the completely new HD graphics.

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3. Gang wars

The gang war system is probably the best feature in GTA San Andreas that has not been replicated anywhere in the franchise. All parts of San Andreas are contested by three gangs: Ballas, Grove Street Families, and Los Santos Vagos. This is a fun gameplay element where players can attack and claim a part of the city to make them their territory. Taking over enemy gang territory gives the player more Respect and Money.

Gang territory
Gang territory is going to be one of the best features In GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition.

Overall, gang war is one of the reasons San Andreas became the favorite of many players. The definitive edition is going to kick that up a notch, with players battling in a much better looking world.

4. Swimming

Swimming is also a new feature first brought into the franchise in GTA San Andreas. However, in the original version, the marine life is barren and lackluster. This is probably due to the limited system capability of the time.

In GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition, marine life is going to look beautiful in HD. Players can finally swim and explore the various water bodies in the game.

5. Jetpack

The jetpack is probably the best way to move around the city of San Andreas. Players don't have to worry about traffics while using their weapons to rain death from above.

To unlock the Jetpack in GTA SA, players can spawn it using cheats or completing the mission 'Black Project'. Overall, with the improved graphics and draw distance, the Jetpack flights are definitely going to be much more immersive than before. This is definitely a feature in GTA SA that Rockstar should add to GTA 6.

The Jetpack is a fan favorite.

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