Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) is famous for its open-world gameplay where you can pretty much do anything you want. Ever want to poke fun at a stranger? Feel free. Vent your anger on some car? Do it while no one is looking. That is what GTA famous for – complete freedom.

Gta 5 Fame Or Shame 01
GTA is famous for its open-world and badass gameplay

However, that is also its negative point. Sometimes, you are given a free rein that you lose track of your current mission. Sometimes, it distracts you from completing your job just in time.

Due to that, some people may not achieve a gold medal for a mission like GTA 5 Fame Or Shame. The mission is notorious for its tight time requirement and specific behaviors. Sometimes, you forget the requirements and end up completing the GTA 5 mission 22 without a gold medal.

Gta 5 Fame Or Shame 09
The GTA 5 Fame or Shame is notorious for its speed race with a tight time requirement

Worry not, we are here to guide you through the Fame or Shame GTA 5. Follow the instruction and you can complete the GTA 5 Fame or Shame mission successfully.

GTA 5 Fame or Shame Description

The mission started off in the protagonist Michael De Santa’s mansion. When he discovered a pack of marijuana in the fridge, Michael had an argument with his wife Amanda. He went on and has another exchange of words with Jimmy about the marijuana bag. Trevor Philips then entered and broke the tension.

Gta 5 Fame Or Shame 03
Trevor came back from an obvious death

This shocked everyone especially Michael as he thought Trevor was well dead. However, Trevor talked to everyone as if nothing had ever happened. Trevor quickly realized that Michael’s daughter, Tracey was not at home. Jimmy mentioned something about a talent show, the place where the GTA 5 Fame or Shame would start. And then, everything began, the GTA V Fame or Shame mission.

The mission is divided into 2 parts. You need to meet the requirements of both parts to achieve a full gold medal.

Driving to GTA 5 Fame or Shame talent show

Gta 5 Fame Or Shame 04
The GTA 5 Fame or Shame talent show will take place in the Maze Bank Arena

After leaving Michael’s mansion, both him and Trevor went into his car and drove to the location of Fame or Shame GTA 5. Navigate your way well as it is highlighted on the map. Just don’t break your car during the short travel and all will be fine.

Along your drive to the Maze Bank Arena, you will have the chance to talk more with Trevor. He would criticize you for leaving him and Brad. But no worry, he wouldn’t knock you out after just that, so feel comfortable driving to where the Fame or Shame GTA 5 takes place.

Gta 5 Fame Or Shame 05
Don't forget to knock down the gentleman guarding the car park

After arriving here, one important thing to remember is to knock out the gentleman with a clipboard “ You can’t park here” with a smack on the head. That is required to get the gold medal for the objective “No, I can park here”. Worry not, he is not killed, just knocked out of conscious.

The story would go on and you find Tracey in the Fame or Shame GTA 5 talent show. She would be doing a sexy dance and Lazlow would then join in. Michael and Trevor found it unacceptable and crashed the show. The mission GTA 5 Fame or Shame would then switch its focus on chasing down Lazlow. Michael and Trevor would then drive a Phantom to catch the shameless Lazlow.

Gta 5 Fame Or Shame 06
The coward Lazlow is running away, don't let him escape

GTA 5 Fame or Shame – Chasing down Lazlow

This is yet another part in the GTA 5 mission 22 – Fame or Shame. In the GTA 5 mission 22, you need to chase down Lazlow in a Phantom – a much harder to control vehicle. However, what’s the fun if you just use regular vehicles? Trevor this time will control the Phantom while Michael takes the back seat.

Gta 5 Fame Or Shame 07
The Phantom will keep you a company during the chase

The requirement for the gold medal of GTA 5 Fame or Shame – Chasing down Lazlow is that you don’t unhook the trailer. The tractor alone is fast but it is tied to a trailer. Try to drive as carefully as possible so that the trailer won’t come undone. Also, watch out of the sight of Lazlow. You won’t want to miss his trail as your main mission in GTA 5 Fame or Shame is to chase down Lazlow.

Gta 5 Fame Or Shame 08
Be careful, the Phantom is easily broken. Navigate your way well to get the full gold medal

Also, be careful as your mission is not to kill or harm him. So, avoid using any weapon or try to kick him off the road. Just reach him in time to force him into a dance without pants on. That is all you need to complete GTA 5 Fame or Shame mission with a full gold medal.