GTA 5 Meltdown – Meltdown is an exciting mission given to the main character, Michael of Grand Theft Auto V. In this missionthe player will show off the shooting skill to pass the mission.

This mission happens in the premiere of the GTA 5 meltdown movie, and it is named after this event. You will play as Michael fighting against many waves of Merryweather agents to protect his family by himself.

It seems to be struggling and challenging when you have to fight off a crew of armed agents. But don’t worry, this guide will show you how to 100% complete GTA V Meltdown mission and get a gold medal without trouble. Here we go!

The Story of GTA 5 Meltdown

Meltdown Premiere

The mission Meltdown GTA 5 is given to Michael by Solomon Richards, in which Michael and Jimmy have to attend a movie premiere held at Oriental Theater located on Vinewood Boulevard. Before the premiere, Michael goes to a luxury fashion shop near Rockford Hills to buy a tuxedo for the movie event.

Then, Michael meets Jimmy, and they go to the site of GTA V Meltdown movie premiere on a limousine. Michael and his drunk son, Jimmy has a short conversation on the way to the theater. On the car, Michael receives a call from Devin, who will also appear in the premiere. Devin blames Michael for the death of Molly Schultz, Devin’s lawyer, but Michael refuses to take the liability. He says it was an accident.

On The Way To The Theater
On The Way To The Theater

When arriving at the theater, on the red carpet at the entrance of the theater, Michael realizes that Amanda and Tracey, his wife, and his daughter are not there. Devin then let him know he has sent Merryweather agents to Michael’s house.

Saving Your Family

Knowing his wife and daughter are in danger, Michael and Jimmy quickly rush to his house in two minutes. Michael tells his son to hide while he goes to rescue Amanda and Tracey. Michael, with his pistol, fight against a crew of armed enemies with his headshot skill. When the last agent is knocked out by Jimmy with a bong, GTA 5 meltdown mission passed.

After this mission, Michael’s family moves out of his house until the last mission of GTA V. Michael calls Lester and tells him what happened with his family. Lester makes an appointment with Michael at the strip joint, where he will also meet Trevor and Franklin.

Headshot Kidnaper
Headshot Kidnaper

Mission Objectives

To 100% complete Meltdown mission, you need to do the following objectives:

  • Go to Ponsonbys to buy a tuxedo for the Meltdown premiere.
  • Meet Jimmy.
  • Get in the limousine to arrive at Oriental theater.
  • Go to the red carpet at the entrance of the theater.
  • Fight off agents to save your family.
  • Kill the kidnapper with a headshot.
  • Kill all the Merryweather agents in the house.
  • Go toward your family.

Go To The Red Carpet
Go To The Red Carpet

After completing these tasks, you pass the mission and get a reward: unlocking the new hideout for Michael's family. Michael and his family will leave their house and live in this new shelter to avoid further attacks from his enemies.

How to Get Gold Medal?

Completing mission objectives, you pass the mission. But to get a gold medal, you need to achieve the following goals:

  • Time: You need to complete the mission in no more than 6:30. So, skip all the cutscenes to save time for the main mission.
  • Pedal to the Metal: You have to reach the top speech of any vehicle.
  • Tier One Operator: You need to kill at least 12 enemies with a headshot.
  • Headshot Rescue: You need to rescue Amanda and Tracey by skilling the kidnappers with a headshot.

Show Off Your Headshot Skill
Show Off Your Headshot Skill

That’s how to 100% complete GTA 5 Meltdown mission without a hitch. This mission gives you lots of exciting experiences when showing off shooting and headshot skills. You can also use Michael’s special ability to kill off waves of armed agents by yourself. To get further instructions for gold medal completion as well as update lots of interesting news, let’s follow our page!