GTA 5 Mission 70 is the final time Franklin has to throw himself into trouble to save his friend - Lamar Davis. The mission contains a lot of shootings, which requires all three of the main protagonists - Franklin, Michael, and Trevor to work together.

This mission doesn't have too many objectives, but to be able to accomplish all of the objectives, you'll need to risk yourself in the gun field a little bit. And if you're struggling against it, check out our instructions and useful tips to get through GTA 5 Lamar Down mission.

Below is the video showing how you can get Gold Medal in this mission. But if you don't understand any of the player's choices, read our guide for explanations. Without further ado, let's get started:

The story behind GTA 5 Mission 70 - Lamar Down

GTA V Lamar Down mission starts as Tanisha comes to Franklin Clinton to ask him a favor. It turns out that Stretch has set up a trap with the Ballas to lure Lamar Davis in. Hence, they have captured Lamar and keep him as a hostage at the Paleto Forest Sawmill.

Gta 5 Mission 70 Lamar Down Guide 1
Tanisha gets to Franklin's house to ask him a favor

Tanisha wants Franklin to get there and save Lamar as usual, but Franklin is too tired of it. Hence, he tries to deny Tanisha's wish but still has to accept it due to Tanisha desperately begging him. As Tanisha leaves, Franklin calls Lester and asks him to invite Michael and Trevor to this mission.

So, despite being in a bad relationship, Michael and Trevor still show up to help Michael rescue Lamar. The three protagonists work together again, raiding the sawmill and shooting everyone at sight.  After killing the Ballas, the three men get Lamar out to the Forum Drive.

Gta 5 Mission 70 Lamar Down Guide 2
Franklin meets Trevor and Michael at the sawmill

There, Franklin and Lamar from GTA 5 have a little quarrel. Franklin is very angry at the fact that he always has to be the one pulling Lamar out of the problem, just for his head right into it again. Initially, Franklin suggests Lamar stay civilized and stay away from illegal "gang banging" activities from now on. He also gives Lamar $50, and advise him to get a real job.

As Lamar leaves the house, Steve Haines and Dave Norton show up and ask Franklin to eliminate Trevor. They're annoyed by Trevor's violent behavior, and they don't trust Trevor at all.  However, considering the tight relationship with Trevor, Franklin denies, suggesting that they should hire Michael to do that instead. However, after finding out the secret behind the past's raid, Trevor doesn't trust Michael anymore, so the two cops don't have anyone else to order. The mission ends as Steve and Dave drive off.

Gta 5 Mission 70 Lamar Down Guide 3
Steve and Dave ask Franklin to get rid of Trevor

Later on, Jimmy - son of Michael - has text Franklin about Michael's film project. That's how GTA 5 Missions 70 ends.

All objectives of GTA 5 Lamar Down mission

Below are all of GTA 5 Mission 70 objectives, which is not too many but risky instead. And as you'll head to this mission controlling all three of the protagonists, check carefully who the objectives require:

  • Drive the three men to the sawmill (Franklin)
  • Get your cover in the striking position (Trevor and Franklin)
  • Locate Lamar (Franklin or Trevor)
  • Head to rescue Lamar (Franklin or Trevor)
  • Protect Lamar to the sawmill's exit (Franklin or Trevor)

Gta 5 Mission 70 Lamar Down Guide 4
Get Lamar out through the sawmill's exit

  • Drive Lamar home (Franklin)

You might be wondering why we don't need Michael in any of the objectives above. Well, while Michael isn't responsible for any objectives, he is the irreplacable man to help you get the Gold Medal. Check the following parts to see why.

How to get Gold Medal for GTA V Lamar Down mission

Below are the requirements to get Gold Medal for GTA 5 Mission 70 - Lamar Down. You'll learn why Michael is needed:

  • Headshots - Shoot 18 enemies in their heads: There are a bunch of enemies out there, so you can shoot them down as many as possible. Using Michael makes this requirement a lot easier, as you can slow down time for a more precise shot.
  • Accuracy - Complete the mission with 70% of your shots on target: Again, use Michael ability to aim better, and you can also pick up a shotgun on the ground. The shotgun unleashes packs of bullets, which makes it easier to hit.

Gta 5 Mission 70 Lamar Down Guide 5
Use Michael's ability to meet this requirement

  • Three Way - Kill at least one enemy with all 3 characters: Nothing much to say about this requirement.
  • Time - Finish in less than 13.5 minutes: Just skip all cutscenes and be quick with your driving. The crew can get to the sawmill faster by using the same shortcut in Caida Libre. Once you get to The Lost trailer camp, you can follow the train tracks and get to the sawmill. Using the same way back to Lamar house can save players at least 1 minute totally.


Above are the full guide and some useful tips to complete GTA 5 Lamar Down mission.

Don't forget to check our guides on other missions, and stay tuned for more articles like this incoming.