GTA 5 Mission 57 - Bury The Hatchet is the mission where Trevor has found the secret behind what happened in the Heist that Michael, Trevor and Brad has done in the past. Hence, your tasks in this mission are different, based on who you control when receiving the mission. It will lead to the same outcome, and it's not too difficult either, so you won't need to worry too much.

However, if you're planning on replaying the whole game to receive the Gold Medal, then follow our instructions and tips for the fastest and smoothest run. You can see the video below before reading our guide to catch the idea, but be sure to come back for the details on the objectives.

The story behind GTA 5 Mission 57 - Bury the Hatchet

GTA 5 Bury The Hatchet mission marks a major turning point of the game's story. Trevor comes to Michael's house to express his plan to get Brad Snider out of the prison. However, Michael neglects Trevor's idea, and the two friends start to debate about their future. While Trevor is satisfied with his life of a criminal, Michael just wants to stand back and retire.

And as always, the quarrel leads Trevor to ask the question that Michael hopes Trevor never ask: who did Michael burry for him at his grave in North Yankton. Michael avoids answering directly, stated that he didn't care that much, but that triggers Trevor's suspicion. Hence, Trevor hits the roof, rushing out of the house to get to the grave to check for himself.

Gta 5 Mission 57 Bury The Hatchet Guide 1
Trevor rages at Michael for keep avoiding telling him the truth

Michael soon realizes what his friend is going to do, so he attempts to follow Trevor out, but Trevor has run far away with Michael's car. Despite calling Trevor asking him to stop, Michael failed to convince his friend.

Now, both friends will have to travel back to Ludendorff - the place where Michael's grave was. Trevor heads to the plane at Sandy Shores, while Michael uses the land at Los Santos International Airport that Dave Norton showed him. Landing at North Yankton, Michaels drives to the graveyard. Then the game shows a little cutscene about the event behind 2004's heist when Michael convincing his wife to accept FIB's offer and move to Los Santos afterward.

Comeback to Trevor, he successfully gets on the plane that Ron showed him. On his flight to North Yankton, Trevor received the warning from Ron about the Wei Cheng's thugs are searching for him. Landing on the graveyards, Trevor starts digging Michael's grave immediately but gets interrupted by Michael. Michael asked him to stop but in vain, as Trevor manages to open up the coffin. Turns out, the one lying there is actually Brad.

Gta 5 Mission 57 Bury The Hatchet Guide 3
Trevor digs up Michael's grave to find Brad lying in it

The game shows another cutscene that brings the true events to light: the FIB has captured Michael and force him to sell Trevor and Brad off in exchange for his freedom. The heist was actually preset to catch Trevor and Brad, and Brad has taken the shot for Trevor. Michael convinced Trevor to leave the scenes, just to escape with the agreements with the FIB.

Angry and upset as Trevor, the two friends start off a fight over the grave and even pulling pistols out to scare each other. However, before anyone can fire, the Triads arrived at the scene to catch Trevor. Trevor tries to shoot at Michael but failed due to the jammed gun. He throws his gun at Michael's face and manages to escape by the graveyard's gate.

Gta 5 Mission 57 Bury The Hatchet Guide 4
Michaels and Trevor point the gun at each other.

Michael gets accidentally pulled into the fight with the Triads, and now he has to go back to his car to escape. However, his car was ruined by Trevor, leaving Michael no other options rather than surrendering to Cheng's thug. They want to use Michael as a hostage and lure Trevor out as they think Trevor and Michaels are "ji laos" (gay couple). However, Trevor mocks Cheng for his stupid idea, and hang upon him.

That's when GTA V Bury the Hatchet mission ends.

Every objective of GTA 5 Mission 57 - Bury the Hatchet

The climax of Bury the Hatchet GTA V mission occurs at the cemetery, so many people have mistaken the name of the mission to "GTA V Cemetery mission". However, its name is actually Bury the Hatchet. It doesn't matter too much though.

Depending on who you control while entering Bury the Hatchet GTA 5 mission, there will be different tasks that you must complete to get through. Let's check our list below for further details:

If you enter the mission as Trevor Phillips:

  • Head to the airfield in Sandy Shores.

Gta 5 Mission 57 Bury The Hatchet Guide 2

  • Get into the air pad.
  • Fly to the landing field in North Yankton.
  • Escape back to Sandy Shores Airfield from the gunfire.

If you enter the mission as Michael De Santa:

  • Drive to Los Santos International Airport.
  • Follow the indicator to head to the entrance on the second floor.
  • Fly to the graveyard
  • Encounter Trevor digging your grave
  • Avoid gunfires while running back to your car

Gta 5 Mission 57 Bury The Hatchet Guide 5
Get back to the car while avoid getting shot

Trevor's objectives are much easier as he doesn't have to risk anything for it. However, it's worth to play as Michael too, since the cutscenes mentioned above only pop up if you control Michael. And even though Michael's objectives require him to risk his HP a little bit, it's not that hard either.

Hence, you don't need any useful tips with both friends' objectives. Just enjoy the story to prepare knowledge for upcoming missions.

How to get Golden Medal on GTA 5 Bury the Hatchet Mission

There are three requirements to get 100% completion on GTA 5 Mission 57 - Bury the Hatchet. Here's the explanation of each requirement with some useful tips:

  • Time - Fulfill the mission with less than 11:00: Either playing as Trevor or Michael, just skip all the cutscenes and you're good to go. For Trevor, he'll also need to fly directly back to the airfield as well, but that has been mentioned within the objectives, and you don't want to waste your time either.
  • Headshots - Eliminate 20 thugs with headshots: This requirement only comes for Michael. You can make use of his slow-down-time power to help you with clearer shots.

Gta 5 Mission 57 Bury The Hatchet Guide 6
Use Michael's ability to get more headshot.

  • Accuracy - Finish the shootout with at least 80% of your shots on target: Again, Michael's ability will help you hit your shot much more often. The pistol that the game gives you are very inaccurate, so you should drop it and replace with another one if you can. Consider switching to low-damage guns if you've missed too many shots to make up for it.


Even though the story behind this mission is very breath-taking, its action is quite boring. Hence, I hope you don't have any problem getting through the mission without any struggles.

Don't forget to check our instructions on other GTA 5 missions as well. Have fun!