GTA 5 the Big Score – GTA Big Score (Obvious) is the 79th mission in GTA V. It’s the sixth and also the final heist mission of the trio Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. GTA 5 the Big Score (Obvious Approach) is a big mission in which you have to steal the total money of $201,600,000 for the Obvious.

The heist is planned after the Meltdown Mission and done by three main characters in this game. This guide is going to show you how to 100% complete GTA V Big Score mission (Obvious approach) and win a gold medal as a piece of cake. Here we go!

Overview of GTA 5 the Big Score (Obvious Approach)

Planning Stage

Before this big heist, the trio of Michael, Franklin, and Trevor have to complete some side missions to get enough essential supplies for the Big One GTA 5 Obvious. There are three set-up missions in the planning stage of the Big Score GTA 5 (Obvious).

First, you need to steal a cutter for the Driller task from a warehouse. Next, in Sidetracked Mission, you have to use a large heavy-lift helicopter to steal a train. The last heist set-up mission is Getaway Vehicle, in which you need to park the getaway vehicle in the parking lot near the Union Depository to prepare for escape. After completing all the preparation missions, the heist starts.

Planning Stage Of The Heist
Planning Stage Of The Heist

The Heist

Trevor goes to find Lester in the back area of Vanilla Unicorn, receives a pack of clothes for the heist. They put on the clothes and get ready for the heist. Then, while Lester waits in the Vanilla Unicorn, Michael drives to the Union Depository. In front of the bank, he picks up a shooter assigned by Lester, and wait for Franklin to drill a hole into the bank vault with the cutter.

Frank then set up explosive charges in the vault doors to blow away the doors. He shoots at the security officers running to the vault. Meanwhile, Frank’s accomplice takes the gold in the vault and gather them in the place Trevor can take the gold with the airlift.

Steal The Gold
Steal The Gold

When Trevor arrives with his airlift, Frank got attacked by law enforcement, and he has to fight against the cops. Trevor and another pilot take the gold carts away, fly out of Los Santos and head to Blaine County.

The Escape

Next, you switch to Michael to continue the GTA V the Big Score mission. Michael and the accomplice gunman have fierce shooting fight with waves of cops. There are too many police officers to fight and choppers to destroy, and it may take you about 10 minutes for the battle. The crew needs to rush to the underground parking lot and take the getaway car.

Destroy a Grangers of the NOOSE team with an RPG, bombs, or grenades and get in the car. Michael’s team drives into an underground route and try to lose the cops. Choosing underground sewers or subways for escaping mission would be the GTA 5 the Big Score best approach to win this heist mission. Then, you switch to control Trevor, who is driving the helicopter and bring the gold away. Fly after Eddie Toh, the pilot assigned by Lester.

However, there are three copters of Merryweather agents coming to take the gold back. It’s time you show off your driving skill. Maintain your speed and altitude to let Lester shoot the choppers. When all the enemies are blown away, drop gold carts to the train and land in McKenzie Field Hangar. And heist passed!

Mission Passed
Land in Airfield

Mission Objectives

During the heist, you need to control three characters at different stages and do the following tasks to 100% complete the Big Score GTA 5 (Obvious) mission.

  • Get in the car (Michael).
  • Drive to the bank (Michael). Here, you’ll meet your accomplice.
  • Drill a hole through the bank’s wall into the vault (Franklin).
  • Park the driller by the wall (Franklin).
  • Set up explosives on vault doors and detonate (Franklin).
  • Defend the crew member Packie McReary from the NOOSE team (Franklin).
  • Fly out of Los Santos city (Trevor).
  • Fight the cops and escape with the crew (Franklin and Michael).
  • Get in the getaway car (Franklin and Michael).
  • Lose the police officers (Franklin and Michael).
  • Follow the pilot Eddie Toh (Trevor).
  • Keep the copter steady to let Lester destroy Merryweather agents’ helicopters (Trevor).
  • Drop gold carts on the train (Trevor).
  • Land in McKenzie Field Hangar airfield (Trevor).

Completing these tasks, you will pass the mission. But it doesn’t mean you can get a gold medal. To win a gold medal for the heist, you need to complete the secondary objectives below.

Heist Passed
Heist Passed

Gold Medal Objectives

To complete GTA 5 Big Score Obvious Mission with a gold medal, you should not only master your skill but also have a good strategy to achieve secondary objectives below:

  • Time: You need to complete the mission within 16:00, so don’t watch all cutscenes.
  • Headshots: You have to kill 20 agents with a headshot.
  • Accuracy: You should master your headshot skill or use a shotgun to reach the shooting accuracy rate of at least 60%.
  • Cha-Ching: This objective requires you to drop the gold carts on the train within 30 seconds.

Headshot As Much As Possible
Headshot As Much As Possible

This is how to 100% complete GTA 5 the Big Score (Obvious) mission with a gold medal. I hope that these tips and tricks in this GTA V heist guide will help you pass the mission successfully and win the prize for the heist. To update the newest game news as well as useful mission completion walkthrough, let’s follow our page!