The recent leak of GTA 6 is pretty much the biggest leak ever in gaming. Over 3 GB of videoes has revealed quite a bit of how the game looks and plays. Keep in mind that these are just alpha footage and the proper release version would be different.


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  • The Dialogue system from RDR2 is making it's GTA debut. Prompts such as Greet, Threaten, Rob were seen in the diner robbery.
  • It seems that the players and NPCs can hold their guns sideways. In some clips Jason was holding his rifle sideways and turning it in the air. The black man that shoots at Jason in the parking lot is also holding his pistol sideways.
  • The player will be able to carry guns on their backs. I wonder if this means we only get 2 rifles and 2 pistols per person like RDR2?
  • The player can now tie people up as Lucia puts zipties on the hostage in the diner.
  • Map is located in Vice City (Miami) - looks huge, one video features a lake which IRL is quite far from Miami, perhaps the map features a bigger chunk of Florida
  • At least 2 protagonists, Lucia and Jason, switchable characters, looks like you can call them to help you e.g. when robbing places
  • References of RPG elements - food, drink, sweat, fatigue, animal taming...
  • Mountain bike ramps references, city bikes renting
  • New animations like prone, characters bracing in shootouts, an animation titled "overdose", animations referencing horses and horse riding
  • Redesigned weapons wheel with additional slots for cigarettes, medicine, trauma kit...
  • You can pick up/drop weapons, carry a duffel bag, looks like the weapon inventory will be more limited, lots of drug dealing references
  • Cars have interiors with lots of detail and animations - seat, mirror, wheel, sun visor adjustments...
  • Robbing shipping containers, drilling locks
  • Open interiors like motel, metro station, restaurants, pawn shop (selling stolen goods?), supermarket..., references of functional elevators
  • Car damage looks to be more detailed, only 1 proper collision in the leak afaik so hard to say
  • Boat damage tests - perhaps it will carry over from RDR2? Loved the physics there.
  • Cloth (skirt) physics
  • Cops remember your vehicle model/plate, I hope San Andreas' respray to escape is not making a comeback lol
  • Small robberies are full of detail, NPCs reacting to everything going on, cops surrounding the place without entering blindly
  • A list of dynamic world events like missing tourists


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  • Jason's (male protagonist) special ability seems to be recognizing valuable loot. When in a store his ability was activated and most of the screen became very desaturated (almost black and white) but some items in the store were glowing
  • One screenshot showed "MTB Ramps", "Hillclimb Mud-Drag" and "Scree Hill" - no idea what this last one could be but it may just be a location
  • A lot of enterable interiors with beautiful lighting in places like the nightclubs. The minimap is different when in interiors, it looks like the normal minimap but shows stuff inside the building and still shows the roads outside. This is different than GTA 5 where it just zoomed in on the interior
  • Ability to interact with NPC's, there is a menu like RDR2 that pops up and gives you options to communicate. There is also a "Virt:" debugging tag visible. This most likely refers to "Virtue" which likely behaves like honor in RDR2
  • Each character has their own individual inventories but also a shared inventory system. When collecting loot, it will say for example: "Jason - Assault rifle x1" and "Shared - Rocket Ammo x5"
  • Ragdoll physics seem vastly improved
  • It looks like guns are no longer picked up automatically, "Press X to pick up Assault Rifle". Some weapons are also supported by a strap on the player's back, indicating that, at least in single player, the number of firearms you can hold at a given time may be limited
  • Ability to carry dead bodies on your back like RDR2
  • There is a car interior shown and a debug menu where everything can seemingly be adjusted, from the seat height to the rearview mirror angle. This could also just be them adjusting the interiors with the debug menu to look correct, but this could potentially even go so far as to be adjustable in-game
  • NPC's are now different heights and also feature varying body shapes
  • Gunshot blood splatter seems to have somewhat realistic forensic behavior - ie. some of the blood splatter moves in the opposite direction of the projectile, as it would in reality (every force has an equal and opposite reaction, so some blood will travel in the direction the projectile entered from)
  • When performing a robbery there is a timer visible on the top of the screen: "Time until cops dispatched" and then "Cops Arriving". It is hard to tell if this will be visible during gameplay or if this is used for debugging to adjust the timing of these events
  • When entering a car there is a menu that appears: "Tap d-pad left to access the vehicle controls menu, or hold d-pad left to bring up the quick options." The look of this menu makes it look like it will be visible to players and not merely for debugging
  • There is a CCTV camera shown and highlighted by debugging text
  • Weapon wheel has been changed with more slots for different things, like a duffel bag, medicine, health kit and body armor


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  • Small town America vibes in one area. Largely devoid of foilage, hills in the near distance, gas station with just a ton of concrete around it. Powerlines running all around alongside what looks like a 2 or 4 lane highway. Nearby areas feature small pockets of trees and bushes although notably no palm trees and the grass and foilage is a more muted/tan type green rather than vibrant green. Low density single story buildings are few and far between. This makes this area look more inland compared to the coastal regions
  • All Police vehicles visible so far are labelled as Port Gellhorn
  • The GTA equivalent of the Florida Keys are included but not a lot shown about them yet
  • There is swampy area as well, similar to the Everglades
  • Tons of landmarks from the Miami area are accurately represented in the game, just like GTA 5 did with Los Angeles
  • Industrial type cities are shown a couple times near the coast. Surrounding areas are mostly industrial or heavy commercial with some medium density shops and buildings, but seemingly no residential
  • There is a large tennis court and what looks like a football stadium. There is also a large amphitheater
  • There is an airport and the tram stops at the airport as well. The tram looks like it will work and you can just walk right onto it instead of having to press a button to enter it like GTA 3
  • Miami and Ocean Drive look better than ever with tons of palm trees which look great, grass is very vibrant, tons of colorful high density residential buildings. A few other shots of downtown Miami area are seen and it looks very lush and buildings are very colorful

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