Bottom Dollar Bounties, the newest GTA Online DLC, came with a big update. Many changes were detailed by the company in the patch notes, but they forgot to mention stricter rules for organization names and hiding Arena War vehicle names.

Gta Online Bottom Dollar Bounties Update Jpg
Bottom Dollar Bounties came with a big update.

Players discovered this change when they logged into GTA Online and noticed their organization name had been reset. Initially, some players thought it was a bug. However, when they tried to revert to their previous name, the system did not allow them to use it anymore.

No “drug” in your organization names

7joetaylor, a Reddit user reported that their 8-year-old organization named "Drugs 'n' Stuff" had its name reset to "An Organization." They attempted to change it back, but the game blocked them from using the word "drugs." This sparked a discussion among players who were irritated to see censorship in an 18+ game about crime.

Gta Online Bottom Dollar Bounties Organization Nam

It appears that similar restrictions have also been extended to Arena War vehicle names. According to Reddit user Doomchan, these vehicles no longer display custom names to other players.

Gta Online Bottom Dollar Bounties Organization Nam

Meanwhile, on Twitter, @G4ME_H4CK stated they lost five organization names after the Bottom Dollar Bounties update. This player had previously used symbols and other methods to bypass the word blacklist, but Rockstar has now enforced stricter rules, resulting in the removal of these names.

These rule changes have led some fans to speculate whether GTA 6 will be the most restrictive GTA game yet, especially concerning chat, custom names, and other features.

Rockstar Games has a history of tightening rules in GTA Online. Earlier this year, they implemented a new AI-powered voice-chat moderation system to address abuse during multiplayer sessions.

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