GTA Online Bottom Dollar Bounties is out now with 18 Standard Bail Jumpers and 6 Most Wanted Bail Jumpers. Check out who they are and how much you can earn from each target here. Besides, you can do Dispatch Works to earn extras.

Most Wanted Target
Most Wanted Targets For Huge Bounties

Most Wanted Bail Jumpers

Janette's daughter will show you the targets' information who you have to hunt for. Most wanted bail jumpers give players a big sum of bounty. There are six most wanted bail jumpers in total, including:

  • Grace Whitney
  • Chaz Lieberman
  • Leroy O'Neil
  • Brock Thompson
  • Cleo Song
  • Omar Garcia

These most wanted targets will be reset after 24 hours. Their names are marked in red on the computer to tell them apart from daily standard targets.

Daily Targets
There is one most-wanted target and three standard targets to hunt for per day.

Standard Bail Jumpers

There are 18 standard bail jumpers in different groups categorized in Jenette's files on her computer. She will give you a set of three standard targets and one high-valued most wanted target per day. Here are all standard bail jumpers to hunt for.

Categories Targets
Kkangpae - Bank Robbery Ricky Ji
Tommy Lim
Ballas - Prison Bus Cook Kenzie
Marquel Green
Colby Wright
Street Punks - CCTV Lil Prince
Xavier Fremond
Jalen Kennedy
The Lost MC - Clubhouse Serenity Pierce
Angel Kenney
Rylee Rose
Rich Female - Destroy the House's Assets Sabrina Gray
India Wood
Brigitte Foster
Duggans - Arcades Beau Duggan
Bill Duggan
Hunter Duggan

You can see their names marked in green on the computer. Each standard target gives you GTA$36,000 while each most-wanted target gives you up to GTA$129,000. After hunting all targets, you can earn around GTA$1,500,000. Remember that there is a 48-minute cooldown between two standard bounties.

Apprehendtargets Alive
Keep them alive to get full rewards.

Note: How To Avoid Bounty Penalty

Players must apprehend bail jumpers alive to get full bounties. You will get a bounty penalty of 75% of the final rewards. Therefore, you must disarm the targets by aiming and shooting their hands when approaching them.

Another way to hinder the bail jumper is by using a stun gun. You can get full rewards after transporting them alive to the cops. Don't shoot them down, please! It will cause a huge loss to your bounties. The penalty is applied on both Standard and Most Wanted Bail Jumpers.

Get Money Rewards
It takes you 24 minutes to receive the bounty without agents.

Dispatch Work & Extra Money

Apart from daily targets, GTA Online players can take some dispatch work to get extra money. Each dispatch work can give you GTA $25,000, which is a good some of money. Wait for 5 minutes before receiving the next mission after finishing your job.

  • Officer Monitored
  • Malicious Mischief
  • Civil Disturbance
  • Possession for Sale

It's highly recommended to do these dispatch missions between two bounty-hunting trips. Anyway, you must wait 48 minutes to unlock the next target to hunt for. Don't waste your time. Work hard to earn money from these easy tasks.

Take Dispatch Works
Do dispatch work to earn more money.

You can earn extra money from Agents during the GTA Online: Bottom Dollar Bounties Update. When having two agents, you have a passive source of up to GTA$200,000. One agent can give you GTA $5,000-$10,000 every 48 minutes.

Moreover, these agents can reduce the processing time after you transfer the target to the bail office. Then, you can get your rewards earlier than normal. For example, you receive the money after 12 minutes if you have one agent or get the reward immediately when having two agents.

Hire Two Agents
Hire two agents for passive extras.

These are all Standard and Most Wanted Bail Jumpers to hunt for and earn bounties in GTA Online Bottom Dollar Bounties 2024. Don't miss this chance to become a millionaire before the Summer Update. Stay tuned for further interesting updates in GTA Online 2024 on!

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