With more than 20 years on the market, Grand Theft Auto is truly one of the most prestigious franchises ever made. The action-adventure series has redefined in certain senses, offering a unique and exciting gaming experience. Released in 2004, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is perhaps the most iconic installment in the franchise. And now, in 2020, let's revisit the famous game with our picks for GTA San Andreas best graphics mod.

V Graphics
Enjoy GTA: San Andreas with enhanced graphics

For the record, GTA San Andreas was released 16 years ago. Back then, the game's graphics were still among the best on the market. A lot of things have changed since. The game now may not look as good as you remember it back in the days. However, you can always incorporate mods to enhance the graphics. These mods will bring a refreshing look to the childhood classic that we all come to know and love.

Best Graphics Mods for GTA San Andreas

1. V Graphics

V Graphics consists of an ENB mod series that affects the game's graphics. It alters the shaders, lighting, and reflections in order to match them with those of GTA 5. This mod is perfect to change the visual tone of the game, adding more vibrance, saturation, and color balancing. It's the GTA San Andreas best graphic mod to up your gaming vibe.

2. SRt3 Mipmap

Next stop, we have the SRt3 Mipmap mod. It is a complete surface texture overhaul for San Andreas, rekindling its outdated low-resolution surfaces into something that looks like a modern AAA title. The mod redoes everything, from road textures to shop logos to achieve the sharpest results. Pair this with the other graphics mods for the ultimate experience.

Srt3 Mipmap
Srt3 Mipmap will give in-game textures a more realistic feel

3. 90s AVP Reborn 2.0

90s Atmosphere Vehicles Pack Reborn 2.0 is a vehicle mod that replaces the old car models with their more detailed versions. It will still keep the essence of San Andreas while upping the visual feel. The graphics are built on the real-life versions of the cars, adding another layer of "reality" to the world of San Andreas.

90s Avp Reborn 2 0
Modded (below) vs. un-modded (above)

4. BSOR: American Dream

This particular mod looks at trees, grass, and other foliage details in the classic game. Behind Space Of Realities: American Dream greatly enhances the amount of vegetation to elevate your overall experience. It comprehensively covers over 40 types of vegetation and trees all over Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas.

90s Avp Reborn 2 0 2
Upgrade your GTA atmosphere with trees and plants

5. CJ Remastered Graphics Mod

Do you know that you can upgrade the characters' models in GTA: San Andreas as well? With this mod, CJ will get a 21st-century facelift and sees every aspect of his model completely toned. As an added bonus, it also upgrades CJ's clothing textures and shoes.

Cj Remastered Graphics Mod
Look how happier CJ is!

GTA San Andreas Best Graphics Mod for Low PC

If you own a low-end PC, you can still squeeze out the best performance of the game using these following mods:

1. SA Reflectx 1.0

This mod starts on arguably the weakest point of GTA San Andreas graphics. It changes the surfaces of cars and other materials to reflect a more accurate look of the world. Now you can enjoy GTA San Andreas best graphics without hassling much with your system.

Sa Reflectx 1 0
Now that looks more like a car!

2. Jefferson Retextured

Intel HD users can now rejoice as the upgraded graphics of the Jefferson Retextured mod will up the game's visual to match a modern AAA title. While this mod may take up more of your computer's power, you still can achieve a 30+ FPS framerate. That is not a bad figure to enjoy GTA San Andreas at.

3. GTA 5 HUD for GTA San Andreas

Last but not least, let's check out the GTA 5 HUD for GTA San Andreas. It's simple, clean, and most importantly, light for low-end PCs. It will completely overhaul the interface to resemble that of GTA 5. Transparency, depth of field, and motion blur are all included.

Gta 5 Hud For Gta San Andreas
Use GTA 5 HUD for San Andreas

GTA San Andreas Best Graphics Mod Android

For proud mobile gamers out there, we also have some of the mod options that can up your experience with GTA: San Andreas to a whole new level. Just download and use them as you would on the PC version. Here are some of the names you should be looking for:

  • Overdose Remastered Effects
  • Unlimited Money
  • San Andreas IV Graphics
  • GTA V Weapons 2020
Iv Graphics
You can make San Andreas look like it's in GTA IV

Those are our top picks for the GTA San Andreas best graphics mod you can find on the Internet. They are light, easy to use, and compatible with all versions of the classic game. Download mods to completely revamp your gaming experience and relive your childhood vibe! For more guides, tips, and tricks into the world of gaming, visit our website at GuruGamer.com.