Being described as a crazy fast-paced farming game, Harvest Moon: Mad Dash is the result of the partnership between Natsume & Rising Star Games. The game enables you to play solo or play together with some friends.

To complete your levels in the game you need to do some tasks, including harvesting crops, go fishing, milking cows, etc. alongside other players.

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Harvest Moon: Mad Dash is a crazy fast-paced farming game by Natsume & Rising Star Games

During your journey, you might be stuck with some obstacles such as falling molten lava. So growing crops will be pretty harder. It makes things quite hectic.

At the beginning of the game, everything seems to be quite easy for you. However, the higher the level the more the challenges. You will explore the beach, farm, and even Underworld. 

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Harvest Moon: Mad Dash will be not just another farming simulator game

I think that it will be an exciting experience in Harvest Moon: Mad Dash with a moment of growing crops while molten lava was falling on them. This obstacle and other ones are waiting for you and your friends to discover and conquer all the levels in the game to reinstate the damaged lighthouse.

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You can play solo or together with your friends if you prefer.

Main features of Harvest Moon: Mad Dash: 

- Fast-paced action means quick decisions are essential. 

- To succeed in multiplayer mode with the madness in the game, you need to communicate with other players.

- Take part in all levels in the game and come over all obstacles, including farm, beach, Underworld, and Skyworld.

- Unlock special supporting skills by using Harvest Sprite Powers.

Now, let's see the following trailer of the game to understand more about it!

Harvest Moon: Mad Dash is being released on PS4 and Nintendo Switch on 15th November 2019. 

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