Heartfelt Games just released a new side-scroller game called Alphaman that will throw you back to the old NES day with old Megaman titles. This game has everything of classic platformer games from sprite characters to challenge-based gameplay mechanics. You can watch the trailer of Alphaman below to see what the gameplay of the game looks like.

In 20XX, the Red Boomers, a terrorist group, is planning to take control of the entire domestic service droids and turn them into deadly machines to serve them. You will be playing as an advanced android called Alphaman, who is on a mission to exterminate the Reb Boomers. Traveling through many platform-based levels, you and your cute operator will work together to face monsters and bosses from 7 different levels. She will be the one to give you all the information you need about the stage you are playing. But if you just want to jump into the action part, that is fine too because you can skip all dialogues.

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You can skip all the dialogues, but I don't think you would want to do that

You will unlock new abilities and powers to get stronger each time you finish a stage and defeat the boss of that stage. The movement and obstacles in the game quite familiar. You can jump, wall hop, dash to climb walls, avoid endless holes, spikes while shooting and slashing enemies.

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The control and movement of the game is quite familiar to all Megaman fans

The game has a simple 8-bit graphics style that looks like it was made during the 1980s in NES era.

If you are tired of all the advertisements and propaganda on mainstream media and are in need of some nostalgist, you will want to check out Alphaman. The game is out now on Steam and itch.io with a price of only $5.