The popular game GTA Online offers players tons of choices when it comes to weapon selection. Every gun in the game serves a different purpose, with different stats and specs. However, if there is one single gun that you must own in GTA Online, it would be the Heavy Sniper. Here's why!

#5 - Compensation for Bad Aiming

Even the most powerful weapon in the world becomes useless if you miss your shot. Therefore, it's nice to have something that does not punish you severely when you inevitably miss the fatal shot. That's where the Heavy Sniper shines!

Barrett M82 Sr
The Heavy Sniper takes the model of the famous Barrett M82

This gun deals more damage than other sniper rifles in the game. That means even if you hit the target's body (in the arms or legs), it still packs quite a punch. With constant practice, you will better your aim and land more headshots. But until then, stick with the Heavy Sniper.

#4 - Long-range Go-to

Sniper rifles are designed for long-distance assassinations, and the Heavy Sniper is the best in GTA Online. This powerful weapon covers a huge range, dealing massive damage to enemies far away. Other weapons may be stronger, like the Homing Launcher. But it takes way too long to hit the target.

Gta Heavy Sniper Sniper
Snipe enemies from far away

#3 - Armor Penetration

The Heavy Sniper will pierce through armors like a hot knife through butter. It's also great against lightly armored vehicles. If the vehicles are non-armored, you can destroy them with just a few shots. Or better, you can take out the driver in a single shot!

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#2 - One-Shot Enemies

The Heavy Sniper is so powerful that it can take out a target with full health in a single shot. This gun may only have six bullets in its chamber, but it will kill. If you look at the damage alone, of course, shotguns are the best in the game. However, they're made for an entirely different purpose. For long-range assassinations, choose the Heavy Sniper.

Gta Heavy Sniper Vehicles
Heavily armored vehicles will be tough to take on

#1 - Versatile Weapon 

For most scenarios in the game, you may find yourself using the Heavy Sniper. It's a great weapon to carry with you on most missions. But do not bring it on stealthy ones, since this gun is loud!

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