How to Call Chop on GTA 5 – Chop, also called Chop-chop, Chopper, or Little Homie, is a big Rottweiler dog in GTA 5. Chop is Lamar’s pet, but he lives and serves Franklin most of the time. In GTA 5, Franklin receives Chop mission from Lamar, the owner of the dog. In this guide, I’m going to show you how to call Chop on GTA 5 and get a gold medal in this mission.

Chop mission is the first time this dog appears in this game. He will help Franklin chase and capture a man called D, a Ballas member. This instruction will let you know how to 100% complete Chop mission with gold medal. Here we go!

The Story behind Chop Mission

The Chasing

When coming back home, Franklin sees his Aunt and her friend going jogging and shouting something. Then, Lamar comes with his dog, Chop, and asks Franklin to join with him in a kidnap. At first, Franklin doesn’t want to be involved in anything related to Mafia. But after knowing the ransom is up to $40,000, he changes his mind and decides to join. And Chop GTA 5 mission start.

Franklin, Lamar, and the dog Chopper get in a van parked near his house, and Lamar asks Franklin to drive it to Vinewood Boulevard. After arriving at the spot, they walk to an alley and find D there talking with an unknown woman. D notices Lamar and Franklin with the faces covered with green bandanas. They had a hostile conversation before Lamar takes out a pistol and points it at D.

Chop Gta 5
Franklin, Lamar, and Chop

As a response, D almost hits Lamar and Franklin with his motorbike, speeds up, and escapes on Los Santos Roads. But Franklin, Lamar, and Chop quickly come back to the van and chase after the motorcycle. They nearly lose track of the bike. But suddenly, D’s motor is hit by a bus in Simmet Alley, and D runs off through the terminal and railyard and leaves the chasers behind.

Hunting D

Franklin and Chopper jump out the van and chase D on foot while Lamar takes over the driver’s seat. When D runs in the railyard, Franklin loses his track, and now you switch to control the dog Chop to do the GTA 5 Chop mission. Chop finds clues, smells, and finds D sitting inside a boxcar. After being discovered, D runs, but he is quickly knocked down by Chop and seized by Franklin.

Chop catches D

Lamar drives the van and picks up threes. After getting in the car, D recognizes Lamar’s voice. Franklin takes the steering wheel back and heads to Lamar’s house. On the ride, they call Ballas and make a ransom of $40,000. Franklin throws the cell phone out of the van and orders Lamar to release D because Ballas Gang and the LSPD can find their location through the cellphone. Then, Franklin drives to the rec center and drop Lamar and Chop off. Mission pass!

Objectives of GTA 5 Chop Mission

To 100% complete Chop mission in GTA V, you should know how to call Chop and do the following tasks. With skills, a little luck, and a proper instruction on how to bring Chop with you in GTA 5, you’ll pass the mission without a hitch. In this mission, you control Franklin to do the following mission objectives with Chop and keep in mind some notes to avoid failure:

  • Follow Lamar. Try not to attract the cops’ attention.
  • Return to Lamar. Don’t go too far from Lamar.
  • Get in the van. Remember to enter Lamar's white speedometer.
  • Wait for Lamar and Chop entering the van.
  • Drive to Vinewood Boulevard. Follow the GPS’s instructions, and you’ll reach the spot.
  • Get in the van and chase D.
  • Open boxcars to check out whether D is inside or not.
  • Call Chop back and pull him off the female dog.
  • Open the boxcar Chop bark at and find out D.
  • Take D to Lamar’s house.
  • Stop to let D get out.
  • Lose the police before letting D out.
  • Drop Lamar and Chop at BJ Smith rec center.

If Franklin, Lamar, D, or Chop die or the van is destroyed, you will lose the mission. After this mission, Chop will live with Franklin in his house in most of the storylines.

Gtav Ps4 1080p 1460
Lamar and Franklin find D in the alley

How to Get Gold Medal in GTA 5 Chop Mission

You get no reward of cash in this branch mission. This guide of GTA 5 how to call Chop will show you complete the objectives below and win a gold medal for this mission.

  • Not a Scratch: Try to avoid significant damage to the van. You should show off your driving skills to avoid crashes on the chase.
  • Homedog: You should switch to Chop’s point of view for 00:10 while he’s finding D.
  • Advanced Reflexes: You need to use Franklin’s unique ability to slow down the time for 00:07 during the chase to avoid crashes on the road.

Chop Chop

I’ve shown you how to call Chop on GTA 5 and 100% complete Chop mission without trouble. Keep in mind some tips to get a gold medal for the mission as you won’t get cash at mission pass. I hope this guide helps you quickly complete this exciting and defiant mission with ease.