The Deep Dark is a brand new biome in Minecraft, which is located deep underground. While it is dark by default, the mobs inside it can inflict the "darkness" status effect and make the player's field of vision even darker. The effect is caused by the activation of a sculk shrieker, or by being within the detection range of a warden.

This can be an issue, especially when facing the dangerous Warden, as it inflicts the darkness status to all players within the radius. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase how to counter the Darkness effect in Minecraft 1.19.

1. Bring and use torches

Unlike Blindness, a similar effect, Darkness does not leave a circle of unaffected vision centered on the player; moreover, luminous objects such as fire are still possible to see even when viewed from far away by a player with the effect applied. This is why bringing a lot of torches can be a good way to counter this effect. Just follow the light of the torches you have placed around to get out of the danger area.


If the warden is nearby, avoid placing down torches, as it would create noise and alert the Warden to your location.

2. Wait until it runs out

Like all other status effects in the game, Darkness is not permanent and can expire after a certain duration. Even when you are under its effects, your vision would still come back from time to time, letting you see where you are going. If inflicted with the status effect, just sneak and move away from the warden as far as possible. Wait around for a bit (13 seconds) for it to run out.

Just be careful to not make any noise to alert the Warden. If it is nearby, the darkness status effect will not subside and will continue to be inflicted on the player.

3. Drink a potion of night vision

Another option to counter the darkness status effect—and arguably the best way to counter it—is by drinking a potion of night vision as soon as the status ailment takes effect. The night vision potion is directly opposite to what the darkness effect will do to players and will help players see in the dark. And since both the effects counter each other, you will be able to see a small area around yourself, and it will help you navigate your way around easily.

Minecraft Night Vision Potion

4. Increase screen brightness

This might be a bit of a cheat, but increasing screen brightness works fairly well against the darkness status effect. To do this, click on “Options” from the main menu or pause menu, then click on “Video Settings…”. You should see the “Brightness” slider. Move it all the way to the right (Until it says Brightness: Bright).

Alternatively, you can increase the brightness level of your monitor, which works pretty much the same way.

5. Destroy the sculk shriekers before they trigger

The best way to stop the darkness effect is to prevent it from happening in the first place. This means players need to break all the sculk shrieker blocks they encounter in the deep dark biome. Try to sneak around whenever possible and use a hoe to deal with all the sculk sensors and shriekers you can find.

Ancient Cities Sculk Shrieker Sculk Catalyst More

Be careful when dealing with the sensors, as their signals can trigger the shriekers. They can detect vibrations in a 9-block radius around it.

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