The 1.20 Trails & Tales update is the latest significant content update for Minecraft, a well-known sandbox game. Its primary goal is to encourage players to express themselves, embrace diversity, and expand their creativity, and it introduces a range of new blocks and features to facilitate this. Among the new additions is bamboo, a versatile material that players can use for building, crafting, and decorating.

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Bamboo in Minecraft

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase how to craft all variants of bamboo blocks in Minecraft 1.20.

1. About Bamboo

A resource that can be replenished, bamboo is present in bamboo forests and jungles. To gather bamboo, any tool or even bare hands can be used, but a sword speeds up the process. Bamboo can also be cultivated by planting it in soil, grass, podzol, or sand close to a water source. Its growth is expedited when grown beside other bamboo plants.

Bamboo is also a reliable source of fuel for various items, such as furnaces, smokers, and campfires. Additionally, players can use bamboo to breed pandas and trade with wandering traders. Moreover, players can transform bamboo into different blocks that possess distinct functions and properties.

2. How to craft a Bamboo block

A type of building material suitable for crafting and embellishment purposes is Bamboo Block. It has a distinctive striped texture and a darker green hue. To create a Bamboo Block, arrange nine bamboo stalks in a 3x3 formation on the crafting grid. This will result in one block of bamboo. Alternatively, a variant of bamboo block can be obtained by using an axe to strip bamboo.

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Bamboo block

Bamboo planks are fundamental construction materials used to create other blocks or items. They have a smooth texture and a light green color. To create bamboo planks, place a single block of bamboo in the crafting grid, which will yield two bamboo planks.

3. How to craft Bamboo planks

Bamboo planks can be utilized to construct stairs and slabs. To create bamboo stairs, arrange six bamboo planks in an L-shape on the crafting grid, resulting in four bamboo stairs. Similarly, to create bamboo slabs, arrange three bamboo planks in a horizontal line on the crafting grid, which will generate six bamboo plank slabs with the same color and texture as bamboo plank wood.

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Bamboo planks

As per the game developers, bamboo planks are classified under the wood-type group of Minecraft 1.20 update. The following items can be crafted using bamboo planks:

  • Trapdoors
  • Signs
  • Fences
  • Fence gates
  • Buttons
  • Doors
  • Pressure plates
  • Slabs
  • Stairs
  • Rafts
  • Rafts with chests
  • Hanging signs

4. How to craft Bamboo Mosaic planks

In addition to the regular wood-type blocks, a new decorative block called mosaic bamboo block will also be included in the game. It will feature horizontal and vertical bamboo designs, making it an excellent decorative building material. To craft bamboo mosaics, use two bamboo plank slabs and place them in the crafting grid.

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Bamboo Mosaic Planks

Bamboo mosaic blocks can be used to create stairs and slabs. To create bamboo mosaic stairs, arrange six bamboo mosaic blocks in an L-shape on the crafting grid, which will result in four bamboo mosaic stairs. To create bamboo mosaic slabs, place three bamboo mosaic blocks in a horizontal row on the crafting grid, which will generate six bamboo mosaic slabs.

5. How to craft Bamboo raft

The bamboo block collection introduces a novel means of water travel in Minecraft called a "Raft." This boat variation does not have any side walls and is constructed using long, stripped bamboo sticks tied together with ropes. The oars of the raft are also made of bamboo and have a curved design.

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Bamboo Raft

Rafts can travel on the water with the same speed and movement as regular boats, but they have a distinct appearance that fits the bamboo motif. Players can personalize their rafts by adding a chest for additional storage or placing any entity at the back for companionship.

Other uses for Bamboo in Minecraft

Feeding pandas

In Minecraft, pandas are a neutral mob that can be found in jungles and bamboo jungles. They have a preference for eating bamboo and can be tamed by players using certain methods. Breeding pandas is different from other animals in the game, as players must place at least eight bamboo blocks within a five-block radius of both pandas for them to enter love mode. Once in love mode, feeding them bamboo will cause them to mate and produce a baby panda. When successful breeding occurs, players receive 1-7 experience points.

How To Breed Pandas In Minecraft
Feeding bamboo causes them to mate and create a baby panda

Craft scaffolding

To assist players in constructing tall structures and descending safely without harm, Minecraft includes a block called scaffolding. To make it, players can put three pieces of bamboo in the first and third columns of the top row, with a string in the middle. The placement of scaffolding is unique in that when used on the side of an existing piece, it will stack on top of the highest one at that spot, allowing the player to continue building higher while standing on the ground. If the bottom block is removed, the whole structure can be easily dismantled.

Minecraft Beat Scaffold 5
Scaffolding can be easily dismantled

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