Capes are cosmetic items that can be worn in addition to players' skin. They can also change the appearance of the equipped Elytra. However, getting capes is not easy - they can only be acquired from either the shop or by attending special events. In this article, we are going to showcase how to get capes in Minecraft for free and a complete list of all official capes.

Capes are great cosmetic items in Minecraft.

1. How to get capes in Minecraft (Java Edition)

Capes are rare in Java edition. Unless you fall into a very specific category of player, it'd probably involve paying some money.

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Players need to participate in Minecraft events every year for a possible free cape.

Below are the legit ways to acquire capes in Minecraft Java:

By participating events

These are the rarest capes players can get in the game, as these events are already passed. Players can still get capes from future events by keeping a close watch on Mojang's social media. Currently, watching the Minecraft Live (previously named MINECON) stream every year is the only easy way to get them.

There is also a Minecraft festival cape for players who participate in the physical convention in Orlando, Florida this year as well.

Making maps

Minecraft mapmakers who've had their maps accepted into the Realms Content Creator Program and earned enough points might be awarded a cape.

Upgrading Microsoft account

If you bought Minecraft: Java Edition before December 2020, it is possible to get a "Migrator" cape by converting your Mojang or legacy account into a Microsoft account.

Limited personal capes

These capes are given to specific players who have achieved various feats in relation to Minecraft. They are exclusive, one-of-a-kind items and pretty much cannot be obtained by normal players.

2. How to get capes in Minecraft (Bedrock Edition)

Unlike in Java Edition, capes are much more common in Minecraft Bedrock. Players of Bedrock Edition can equip or unequip certain capes for their skin via the character creator. A lot of skin packs have capes integrated into them, and some capes can even be obtained from events.

How to get capes in Minecraft Bedrock.

Character creator capes

These capes are part of the promotion for character creator option. Amongst them, only the Pan Cape is free - it is available to all Bedrock players in the character creator cape page.

  • (MINECON Live 2019) Founder's Cape
  • Mojang Studios Cape
  • The Pan Cape!

Skin pack capes

There are nearly two dozen unique capes that Bedrock players can get by buying skin packs, like the Adventure Time Mash-up or Star Wars Classic Pack.

  • Ender Dragon Wings cape
  • Devil's cape
  • Dracula's cape
  • Evil Wizard's cape
  • Bride of Frankenstein's cape
  • The Grim Reaper's cape
  • Wicked Witch's cape
  • Maman Brigitte's cape
  • Male Spartan's cape
  • Female Spartan's cape
  • Padmé Amidala's cape
  • Palpatine's cape
  • Count Dooku's cape
  • General Grievous's cape
  • Boss Nass's cape
  • Jens's cape
  • Halo Drone's cape
  • Arabian's cape
  • Maori's cape
  • Huntress Wizard's cape
  • Skyrim Vampire Lord's cape
  • Mas Amedda's cape
  • Poggle the Lesser's cape
  • Lando Calrissian's cape
  • Skyrim Nazir's cape

Xbox 360 Avatar capes

This collection includes 6 capes that are currently available for Xbox 360 players to purchase.

  • 1st Birthday cape
  • Minecon 2011 cape
  • Minecon 2012 cape
  • Minecon 2013 cape
  • Minecon 2015 cape
  • Minecraft cape

3. Unlock capes via Optifine mod

If you're playing Minecraft: Java Edition, you can also make any cape by downloading mods like OptiFine. Capes you get through mods will only be visible to you and anyone else running the same mod.

About OptiFine

There are a lot of other mods with the same function, however, the best one is still OptiFine. Players need to donate some money to unlock this feature, however, so it is still not free.

OptiFine donation page

OptiFine is a massive Minecraft mod that revamps the game's graphics engine. It allows you to freely optimize the game for your computer and is possibly the most popular Minecraft mod of all time. If you are looking to install a shader pack, having OptiFine is a must.

How to get a custom cape from OptiFine

By donating $10, players can design and wear custom capes. Players can donate and choose their cape design from OptiFine's official website (Minecraft username and email address are needed).

How to get capes in Minecraft using OptiFine

Once the cape is active, you should see it on your character the next time you log into the game. If it is not, make sure you have OptiFine installed, Open Options, then Skin Customization, and then make sure Cape is set to ON.

Players can change the cape's design at any time by selecting Options, Skin Customization, OptiFine Cape, and then Open Cape Editor.

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