The trident is one of the most powerful weapons in Minecraft. It can work as a melee and ranged weapon and its damage is quite high. In addition, the trident has access to several unique enchantments in the game to make it even more useful. In fact, there is even an enchantment that allows your trident to summon lightning.

In this article, we will show you how to make a lightning trident in Minecraft.

How To Make a Lightning Trident In Minecraft

Making a lightning trident in Minecraft is quite straightforward. You need a trident and a Channel enchantment book then you can use the enchantment table to combine the two.

The only way to get a trident in Minecraft is by killing a Drowned that is carrying a trident. Not all spawned Drowneds will carry a trident though. A Drowned has 6.25% (15% in Java Edition) to spawn with a trident. When you kill a Drowned with a trident, it will have an 8.5% of dropping a Trident. If your weapon has a Looting enchantment, the chance of getting a trident will increase by 1% for every level of the Looting enchantment.

The Drowned
Not all Drowneds will spawn with a trident in Minecraft

Next, you need to find a Channeling enchantment book. There are various ways to obtain a Channeling enchantment book in Minecraft. You can get it from fishing, chests, trading with library villagers, or directly through the enchantment table.

Trident Lighting Minecraft
You need to throw a trident during a thunderstorm to summon lightning.

Now, once you have your lightning trident, you should learn how to use it. In order to summon lightning with a lightning trident, you need to throw the trident during a thunderstorm. Lightning will then be summoned at the location of the trident where you threw it. The target that got hit by the lightning will be set on fire briefly since the rain will put out the fire right after.

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