One of the best battle royale titles in the world right now – PUBG – keeps attracting more and more players. In this year only, PUBG has achieved more than six millions copy sale – a crazy number. But then for gamers with a tight budget, you can play the PUBG mobile for free.

More new players mean more people are searching for guides of the game. In India, PUBG Mobile is much more popular than the PC version of the game, and in Gurugamer, we receive thousands of questions and requests every day like how to play PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile tips, PUBG Mobile guide, PUBG Mobile trick, PUBG Mobile tricks, PUBG Mobile tips and tricks, PUBG Mobile tips and tricks Hindi, how to play PUBG Mobile game ….

Demand for the guide of the game is huge

Due to the huge amount of requests like that, we will have a series of guide for the PUBG Mobile tricks and tips. This PUBG Mobile game guide will both tell you the PUBG Mobile tips and tricks for beginners and how to play PUBG Mobile like a pro. We will begin with the PUBG Mobile beginners guide, then we will have the PUBG Mobile strategy guide, PUBG Mobile achievements guide, PUBG Mobile claw guide, PUBG Mobile sensitivity guide later. Without holding you much longer, let’s start with the PUBG Mobile guide for beginners.

The first trick of PUBG Mobile: setting up your phone for a best PUBG game on mobile

Carefully choose your login:

You can play the game as a Guest, or you can use your Facebook, or Twitter to sign-in on PUBG Mobile. We recommend logging in via these two social networks.

pubg mobile tips and tricks hindi
Login screen of the game

Prepare your phone:

PUBG Mobile is a really heavy game, so we recommend turning off all of your other applications on your phone before entering a match of PUBG, as well as muting all of your message applications on your phone. This may sound a bit too obvious for a guide of PUBG Mobile, but trust us, sometimes you get a headshot just because of a message notification popping up on your phone.

We also recommend you to turn off data saver feature, battery saver feature, auto-brightness feature, and night mode on your phone. Because of turning off data saver feature, you need to connect to a good wifi connection to enjoy your games. If possible, you can check for the quality of your wifi connection by Speedtest app (available for both Google Play and Apple App Store). And, of course, use a headphone. A terrible headphone is still better than no headphone at all when it comes to playing a PUBG game on mobile.

Mobile 1x
Speedtest is a great app to check the how strong your internet connection is

Next, understanding the PUBG lobby

After having done the setting up work for your phone, load the game and you are in the lobby of the game. This is PUBG lobby there are a lot of setting for you, ranging from all kinds of aspects of the game: selecting your game type, organizing your friends, claiming your rewards and managing your inventory.

Pick the right region server for you:

Right under the huge start button, you will see the game type setup box, which includes the server choice. The right server for you is the one you can play comfortably with your ping number being under 20ms.

Adjust the frame rate and the graphics level:

Depending on the power level of your phone, choose the level of your frame rate and graphics level accordingly. Higher frame rate and higher graphics level always means better gaming experience for you, but only do so if your phone can handle. If your phone can't handle things in the high setting, your game will bring you more annoying feeling than the enjoying feeling.

Also, PUBG offers the auto/balanced option, which will find the best graphics and frame rate number for you. And there is an HDR mode too, though this mode does not make a big difference when it is on.

Screenshot 1
Graphics setting section of the game

Change the controls:

There are more than one type of control for the game, for both vehicles and foot. In the settings > controls or settings > vehicles section, you will see the default options for these of the game. Change them to fit you as much as possible.

Adjust the aiming reticule - Aim Assist

In the Scope section in the setting, you can choose the color of your crosshair in the game. Also, if you want your game to be hard, get into the Basic section and turn off the aim assist mode. But if you are a beginner, we do recommend you using the aim assist mode, since it will help you hit your target if you are “kinda” pointing to the right way.

Change the size or location of controls:

The in-game UI is also customizable to fit your choice. We recommend that you play the game for about 30 minutes to one hour, and then go to this customizing section. You can make the icons more transparent, bigger or smaller. You can also move your icons to another place if you want to.

Change the in-game control the way you want

Adjust the volume of your mic or turn off chat completely:

In-game voice chat with your teammate is really important, so get into settings > audio to choose the suitable setting for you. And an important trick in Pubg Mobile: mute your teammate if he/she is being troublesome. From version 6 of the game, you can mute your selected teammate specifically, but the text chat of your team still remains.

Set your shotguns/crossbows/rifles to fire on release:

In the game, you can choose to have some of your weapons like shotguns/crossbows/rifles by your taps on the screen of your phone, or by you releasing the press. This is PUBG on mobile, so tapping on the screen is really likely to make your aim move a bit, and this means you can never have great shots. Because of this, we recommend you to use the fire on release mode. This fire on release mode will make your aim point stay steadier than the tap to shoot mode.

That should be the end of our first article in the series of PUBG Mobile tips tricks. Stay tuned for the next parts of this series. We will have more to talk about PUBG on mobile until you feel like you are a pro in this game.