The esports community in India has seen several partnerships between famous game publishers and local firms, and now it’s time to talk about Riot Games and Paytm. Not long ago, they have been in close contact with each other in the Teamfight Tactics case – that’s why many people are looking forward to new rememberable milestones for Valorant in the coming days.

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Rememberable milestones for Valorant players in India are coming to town!

In particular, a webinar will be conducted tomorrow with the participation of well-known personalities, such as Gagandeep “Sikhwarrior” Singh, Sukamal “trashhead00” Pegu, Anurag “Kn1ghtm@r3” Khurana, Shudhanshu “AnAthEmA” Gupta, and more.

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Several topics are ready to be put on the table.

This so-called reunion is likely to become a big deal for the future of Valorant in India as a slew of topics are ready to be put on the table.

Despite that there’s no official word on the main points of the webinar yet, attendees are reported to work on leveling up the availability of Valorant all over the country. Discussions will revolve around at least one of the following pillars:

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Riot once promised that an Indian server would come into service later this year.

1. A Valorant server for Indian players: Riot once promised that it would come into service later this year.

2. The future of Valorant with upcoming tournaments and prize pools for India.

3. Create a professional Valorant league in India.

Prior to this, Paytm First Games established a joint venture between it and Riot Games to hold the first TFP in the region, which already took place from June 17 to June 21.

“We continue to stay committed to our mission of bringing world-class gaming experience to our users and this partnership will help us to move a step ahead in this direction. This Teamfight Tactics tournament will be the biggest one ever organized in India in terms of prize money and participation. We are going to live with it in the next 2 days and hope to expand our partnership with Riot in the near future,” said Paytm First Games' COO Sudhanshu Gupta.

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