Valorant is the newest CS:GO / Overwatch hybrid created by Riot Games – with a pretty unique direction in gameplay. The most important part of gameplay in Valorant is its arsenal of weapons – they are all imaginary, making new players from other shooters rather confused about which guns they should get, as no guns like that exist in the real world.

valorant best guns for each agent
Valorant Best Guns for each agent: It is a CS:GO clone so what you use are actually pretty limited

In this guide for Valorant Best Guns, we would pick out the weapons you should be purchasing in order to win.

1 – Valorant’s general weapon mechanics

In the beginning, you would only have a limited amount of cash, enough for a pistol. However, purchasing additional equipment like shields or better Valorant accounts could provide an edge in early rounds.

From this point, you must build a fiscal foothold – boosting yourself while trying to disrupt the enemy team’s economy. Save and spend based on how well you have played in each round, as you would keep the previous weapons if you survive. If you die, they are lost, along with the money you spent.

valorant best guns to use
Valorant Best Guns to use: Every gun available in game at the moment

Weapons in Valorant might all be fantastical, but they all follow the same rule: You deal more damage with headshots, normal damage with body shots and less damage with limb shots. Each player starts with 100 HP – but they can buy extra armour at the beginning of the round to add 25 – 50 HP.

There is bullet penetration in Valorant – you can shoot through walls or wooden surfaces with a strong weapon.

2 – Valorant Best Guns: Pistols

You would actually have to use the pistol in a Valorant match - despite its general lower firepower, this class of weapon is the cheapest.

valorant best guns for beginners
Valorant Best Guns For Beginners: Pistols are the most commonly used weapons in this game

The Ghost is probably the best pistol in the game – out of the five weapons in the class, only the Ghost and the Sheriff can instantly kill with a headshot. With the Sheriff’s critical weakness of having only 6 bullets in its magazine and high recoil, the ghost’s 15 bullets magazine gives players a bigger error margin.

Valorant Best Guns For Beginners
Valorant Best Guns For Beginners: The Ghost Pistol

It is also cheap – you can get one with 500 credits. The Ghost is best for an economy round in which your team is trying to save money to catch up again. Just be careful when going full auto, as it would lose accuracy rather quickly.

3 – Valorant Best Gun: SMG

The Spectre should be your next upgrade if you are going to move up from the Ghost – it is a great stop before the pistol and your main weapon – the AR.

Valorant Best Guns For Beginners
Valorant Best Guns For Beginners: You can usually skip SMGs to go for an AR immediately

Overall, the Spectre’s lightning quick silenced spray is deadly in the hand of a skilled player – you can destroy groups of clustered enemies in a just a few seconds. At close and mid range, the gun is also great for burst headshots. Just remember to not reloading after every kill – the 30 bullets magazine of the Spectre is definitely enough for more than one enemies.

Valorant Best Guns For Beginners
Valorant Best Guns For Beginners: The Spectre is useful if you are new to the game

While it is better to just stick with the Ghost until you can get an AR, the Spectre is not a bad deal if you are going into areas with close quarter combat. It can be a great way to gain momentum while your opponents are trying to save money using all pistols.

4 – Valorant Best Guns: Assault Rifle

The Vandal is probably the best weapon in the AR class, with lethal headshots at any distances. It is Valorant’s version of the AK-47 – aim to get this every round if you can get enough cash or you are not sniping.

Valorant Best Rifle
Valorant Best Rifle: These two are the M4 and AK of Valorant

The style of the Vandal is aiming to get those headshots – if you are confident at being accurate, it would be much deadlier than its counterpart, the Phantom. However, if you are going to engage in close quarters, taking the Phantom is not a bad idea as it has higher spray speed and recoil management.

Valorant Best Rifle
Valorant Best Rifle: The Vandal "AK-47"

5 – Valorant Best Guns: Sniper Rifle

The Operator is generally considered to be the go-to Sniper Rifle in Valorant – it deals lethal damage at any range for both headshots and body shots.

Valorant Best Guns to use
Valorant Best Guns to use: The Marshal is not nearly as good

In the right hand, the weapon could be a monster – however, it can be rather tricky to handle for new players, as Valorant’s agents are much more nimble than the usual counter strike character. The Operator is also incredibly expensive – you would need 4500 credits to purchase. It is best to have one member of the team being able to use this to complement the rest of the squad.

Valorant Best Guns to use
Valorant Best Guns to use: The Operator is the AWM equivalent of this game

6 – What about Shotguns, Machine Guns and Rifle?

The rest of the weapon arsenal in Valorant are really situational. It might be amusing sometimes to buy a shotgun or heavy machine gun to joke around, but in a highly competitive mode, this would not fly… at all.

Valorant Best Rifle
Valorant Best Rifle: The Bulldog and Guardian are really situational

The Bucky/Judge are shotguns, which are good only when you try to rush a bombsite that you are sure would have players inside. Outside of that exact situation, they are awful.

Heavy machine guns like Ares or Odin are heavy and expensive – they cost too much for their general effectiveness.

Valorant Best Guns For Beginners
Valorant Best Guns For Beginners: It is best to avoid these guns

The Bulldog and Guardian are… ok, but they have lower stats than the previously mentioned options in the list.

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