CityBattle Virtual Earth is a free to play MMOFPS game from LLC RIKOR IMT. The game is set in a universe where resources and the dominance of the world are determined by military robot fights. You will be controlling a robot to fight for your city in 5v5 battles. The more you fight, the more you will earn to upgrade your robot and even own a city or country. You can watch the trailer of CityBattle Virtual Earth below.

The game features a huge number of classes and subclasses of robots for players to choose from. Each one will have their own strengths that can be synergetic with others so choose your team composition wisely to gain advantages in battles.

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The game features different robot classes and subclasses

There are no loot boxes or any kinds of pay-to-win elements in the game at all. You also don't have to worry about spending too much of your time grinding level for each class because all classes receive the same amount of experience. You can also further customize each class to fit your play style. For example, if you play defensively, you can increase your survivability, or else you can increase your damage to kill enemies faster.

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Join the robot fights and you might be able to earn yourself a city

Battles will occur in different cities across the world in multiple game modes. You can play casual mode to train your skill to become better or play map dominance for some real challenges. There are thousands of cities in the game for you to choose from. Just pick one to join its Army and defend it from invaders. When you fight for a city, you will be using their robots with their own customizations.

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Work with your team to get advantages

You can use these robots to fight in tournaments and gain TechnoParks, a kind of plant that gives you and your cities tons of money.

CityBattle Virtual Earth is now available on Steam for PC for free.