Big haunted mansions are great places for some adventure and test your courage until real ghosts appear. Our little 11-year-old adventurer Minerva found a big old haunted mansion on a dark, stormy night and got a little curious. With her goulashes, a backpack full of stuffed animals, and her only weapon, a flashlight, Minerva brought herself into a life and death battle with evil ghosts. There is no way back now, she will have to keep on exploring the mansion and fight all the ghosts in this place. You can check out the announcement trailer of Don't Die, Minerva! below.

Don't Die, Minerva! is a roguelike adventure game where you control an 11-year-old girl to destroy sinister ghosts with her flashlight and her stuffed animal friends that are brought to life by the house. Along the way, you can pick up coins, different upgrades, and powers up to make her stronger and unlock new areas. If you ever get back to the courtyard of the mansion, you will be able to use your coins to buy more items and more powerful weapons such as light cannons or electronic guns. You can also add different effects such as ice or fire to your weapon. Your stuffed animals will join the battle too and they will attack any ghost within their range.

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Destroy ghosts in the mansion using your flashlight

Not all the ghosts in the mansion are bad though. You will meet some who are very friendly and willing to help you to permanently increase your stat, as long as you have the right material.

You will find yourself dying a couple of times at first, but that is alright because you will come back stronger each time with more knowledge to create the right synergies and builds. The mansion is procedurally generated so every run is going to be a unique run.

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Use coins to buys items and weapons

Don't Die, Minerva! is coming to Steam's Early Access next week on December 5 for PC with a price of $19.99.