It's no surprise that Minecraft has become the favorite game for many players who love to build anything they can think of. The game includes lots of blocks and items, and Mojang keeps adding new stuff to it with updates. On top of that, mods and fan-made content have expanded what's possible in the game even more. This has led to lots of impressive building projects by players who are artistic or love architecture.

One of the most recent building projects was posted on Reddit by a user named AtmosphericBeats. According to the image shared, the player meticulously recreated Kansas City in Minecraft's blocky universe, capturing a wealth of details. The city replica was built to a 1:1 scale, showcasing skyscrapers and a multitude of smaller buildings that make up the downtown area. AtmosphericBeats extended the recreation beyond the central zone to include suburbs, complete with a network of roads winding between the structures. The landscape was further enhanced with patches of grass and trees, likely representing parks and open spaces.

Kansas City In Minecraft
AtmosphericBeats meticulously recreated Kansas City in Minecraft's blocky universe, capturing a wealth of details.

After sharing the recreation, it caught the attention of many fans, some of whom were curious about the build time. In the comments, AtmosphericBeats disclosed that they had spent the past four months creating the Minecraft version of Kansas City using software they had developed.

Kansas City In Minecraft 3
Kansas City In Minecraft caught the attention of many fans.

Kansas City In Minecraft 2

AtmosphericBeats said that they utilized custom software that enabled them to complete the city build in just 36 hours, emphasizing that the process was "fully automated." They elaborated on their creation method, explaining that the software leverages data from sources like OpenStreetMap and USGS. This data is used to generate a Minecraft world with roads, buildings, and natural elements, ensuring a more realistic environment.

It's known that Kansas City is not the first city AtmosphericBeats has recreated in the sandbox game. They did bring Baltimore and Anchorage City to the game,  demonstrating their skill and dedication to detailed virtual urban landscapes.

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