Cave Spider is an intriguing mob in Minecraft. Usually compared to regular Spider in the game, Cave Spiders may be able to climb up walls and also move normal speed through cobwebs. However, they have less health and may sometimes cause themselves to take fall damage.

Despite this, Cave Spider Minecraft can serve more than just interesting mechanic. Let's see if you can tame one and make it yours.

Cave Spiders Feature
Cave spider in Minecraft: Are cave spiders worth farming?

What is a Cave Spider in Minecraft?

Cave Spider is a hostile mob in Minecraft.

They are particularly dangerous as they inject poison with their attacks, which can severely weaken or even kill the player. After the injection, the mob will damage the player every 1.5 seconds for 10 seconds.

Where to find Cave Spiders? FYI, they can be found in abandoned mineshafts. You can get them from monster spawners at a light level of 0.

Moreover, in Java Edition 1.21 and Bedrock Edition 1.21.0​, Cave Spiders might be selected as the "small melee" mob for trial spawners in trial chambers.

Are Cave Spiders worth farming?

If you're wondering about Cave Spider uses, after you defeat it, there is some valuable loot to collect:

  • String: 0-2.
  • Spider Eye (1/3 chance of dropping).
  • 5 XP Orbs when killed by a player or tamed wolf.
Cave Spider Loot
Cave Spiders loot is valuable.

How to deal with Cave Spider Minecraft

You need to find a way to fight Cave Spiders to avoid dying from their poison. In fact, cave spider poison can be cured when you drink a bucket of milk.

Below is a quick guide to help you safely deal with the mob:

  • Wear strong armor, carry a powerful weapon, bring plenty of food, and carry buckets of milk to neutralize poison.
  • In the mineshaft, place torches to prevent spawns.
  • Use a sword or shears to clear cobwebs, and block off passages to control spider movement.
  • Use a bow for ranged attacks, and employ hit-and-run tactics to avoid getting surrounded.
  • Set up traps or use lava strategically.
  • Place torches around the spawner to disable it temporarily or use a pickaxe to destroy it permanently.
  • If get poisoned, drink milk to remove poison, or use regeneration potions to quickly recover health.

How to tame a cave spider in Minecraft

Can you tame a cave spider? And can you befriend cave spiders in Minecraft? Unfortunately, in Minecraft, taming a cave spider is not possible.

Like regular spiders, cave spiders are hostile mobs and there is no mechanic in place to tame them at the moment. A fun fact is Spiders and Cave Spiders are both afraid of Armadillos.

How to ride a cave spider in Minecraft? In fact, this is the biggest difference between these two Spider variants. You can only ride a regular Spider. Cave Spiders won't ley any one befriend or control them.

For friendly companions in Minecraft, consider taming wolves, ocelots (which can become cats), horses, donkeys, mules, llamas, and parrots. Each of these animals has specific methods for taming and offers different benefits and interactions.

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