As night falls in Minecraft, a bed is an important item that keeps you safe from dangerous creatures that come out after dark. Here's a detailed guide on how to make a bed in Minecraft.

What is a bed in Minecraft?

A bed in Minecraft is a block that can be dyed and enables players to sleep, resetting their spawn point close to the bed in the Overworld. The player will spawn at the default world spawning location if the bed is blocked or removed.

Bed In Minecraft
A bed in Minecraft is a block that enables players to sleep.

Materials to make a bed in Minecraft 

To craft a bed in the sandbox game, you need to prepare:

  • 3 Wool of any color
  • 3 Wood Planks of any type

How to make a bed in Minecraft: Details

Firstly, let’s gather some wool from your sheep. Then, follow these steps:

1. Diagonally place two Iron Ingots on the crafting table to make Shears.

How To Make Shears In Minecraft

2. Search for some sheep. They can be found in most biomes, especially open areas with sparse trees.

How To Shear A Sheep In Minecraft

3. It’s time for sheep shearing. Interact with your sheep by the following methods to shear them and collect 3 pieces of Wool:

  • PC/Mac: Right-click
  • PlayStation: L2
  • Xbox: LT
  • Switch: ZL
  • Pocket Edition: Tap and hold

When shearing sheep, they drop 1-3 wool each time. After shearing, you'll need to wait for them to graze before reshearing them.

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Another way to get wool is by… killing the sheep. Yet, using shears ensures a sustainable, endless wool supply from the same sheep without killing them.

4. Open the Crafting Table and arrange the Wool and Wood Planks like the image below to make a bed.

How To Make A Bed In Minecraft

How to dye a bed in Minecraft

If you want to make a bed with a different color, mix the wool with a dye first. Afterward, use the dyed wool along with Wood Planks to create your bed.

How To Dye A Bed In Minecraft 2

How To Dye A Bed In Minecraft

Create dyes by either crafting or smelting specific materials or by combining different colors together.

Colors Materials Method
Blue Lapis Lazuli or Cornflower Crafting
Light Blue Blue Orchid or Blue + White Dye Crafting
Green Cactus Smelting
Red Poppy, Rose Bush, Red Tulip, or Beetroot Crafting
Yellow Dandelion or Sunflower Crafting
Pink Pink Tulip, Peony, or Red Dye + White Dye Crafting
Black Ink Sac or Lily of the Valley Crafting
White Bone Meal or Lily of the Valley Crafting
Gray White + Black Dye Crafting
Brown Cocoa Beans Crafting
Lime Sea Pickle or Green + White Dye Smelting
Cyan Blue+Green Dye Crafting
Orange Orange Tulip or Red + Yellow Dye Crafting
Purple Blue + Red Dye Crafting

How to use a bed in Minecraft

Place your bed on the ground and go to sleep until morning. Remember, you can only sleep in a bed during nighttime.

Caution: Beds should only be used in the Overworld. They will explode if you attempt to sleep in a bed while in the Nether.

How to make a bed in Minecraft: FAQs

Can I make a bunk bed in Minecraft?

Of course. Watch this video for a detailed guide on how to make a bunk bed in Minecraft:

How to teleport to a bed in Minecraft?

First, you might need to enable cheats. Then, open the chat box and type the teleport command /tp [Your Name] [X Y Z], in which "X Y Z" are the coordinates of your bed. For example: /tp Chewii 100 64 -200

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